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AMD CPU Problems


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Hey All,


Running Tubgirl 10.4.9 (PPF Patched) now have everything working except that I'm getting very low xbench scores in normal mode (15.92). However when I boot into safe mode (i.e. -X at the darwin prompt) and running xbench I'm getting 81.62. I'm guessing there's a dodgy kext somewhere limiting my CPU, does anyone have any ideas what it might be? If not does anyone know how I might be able to find out?




(Spec in Sig for info)


Oh, btw, I'm running the newest netkas 8.9.1 kernel for AMD, (the SSE3 only one with Sleep enabled) but was having this problem before upgrading the kernel.


The Xbench score in my sig is from my old goatsecx ISO (proof that my processor is pretty fast).

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