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[eBay] Fully working PC, compat. with OS X 10.4.8


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Below are the specs. I've gotten this thing to work perfectly with the 10.4.8 jas DVD, and it is a smooth ride! both CD and DVD writing works just fine (and obviously reading). The harddrive is actually two separate ones, a 40gb and an 80gb. The 80gb is the one in the First Channel, which is what OSX installs on since it can only see that channel. Of course, you can open it up and switch out those drives so that the 40gb is first, for OSX. I upgraded the ram to 2gb from 512mb, and there is definite improvements! I've been able to run both Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04 (with Beryl running) from inside Mac's Parallels, and there was only a minor decrease in speed (keep in mind, two users were logged in in OSX)! And I added a DVD-RW which has come very much in handy. Sound works just fine with the ALC8888 driver, and I have the ethernet driver in my drivers folder here, but I can easily burn it to a DVD along with the rest of the drivers that you will need (including NTFS-3g, MacFuse Core and MacFuse Tools, ALC8888, and whatever else you might want) for you if you ask politely. Oh, that reminds me, I can get a custom setup of any OS you want as a dualboot (or even tripple or quad) if you want. I have most of them on disk (including a legal version of Vista Ultimate), and access to all others. Just let me know what you want and I'll get this PC set up for you exactly as you'd like after payment! (Might I suggest Ubuntu with Beryl enabled, it rocks.) On another note, I have purchased much Mac software, including iLife and Office 2003 for Mac. But I don't have iWork. So if you want the other ones installed, let me know!


- based on the HP Pavilion a1410y model

- Mac OS X86 jas 10.4.8 SSE3-enabled

- 3.2 GHz Celeron D

- 2 GB SDRAM (upgraded)

- 120 GB internal harddrive storage

- ATi Radeon x600 SE 256MB (upgraded, in the PCIe slot)

- Included but not in use (note the x600) is the ATi Radeon x200 (which doesn't quite work out-of-box yet)

- DVD-RW 8x drive (upgraded)

- CD-RW drive (original)

- 19" monitor, keyboard, both of which came with PC.

- I'd have to dig up the original mouse if you wanted it...


Here is the eBay link to this item.

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I should also let it be known that Mac OS X 10.4.8 is *not* included in this auction! That would be illegal! However, I do not know what is currently installed on the harddrive, since I have a bad memory and use my other PC mostly since it is newer (circa last week). So, I am shipping the PC with whatever is on the harddrive at the moment. (unless you want me to install some specific OS on the 40gb, or, for whatever reason, over the contents of the 80gb one).

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