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nVidia Geforce GO 7300 - Problem with RAM

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Hi everybody! I don't know if I did this right, I hope so!

Can anybody help me?

I have an nVidia GeForce GO 7300 with 512mb, but my mac 10.4.8 only reads 128 Mb! It works fine, but if anybody could help me make it use all of the ram it has, I would be very happy indeed!!



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Could it possibly be caused by your card actually having only 128mb of physical ram and the rest is Turbocache which doesn't work, prolly cause of lacking support in graphicsdrivers. You should probably write a letter to Nvidia and ask for better "Hackintosh"-support ;)

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Thanks for answering, Pitr-!

I really don't know.. All I know is that Windows XP read 512 mb, but your idea could be a possibility.. I'll look on the nvidia site if they show any similar details on my go 7300..


all I installed on my "hackintosh" for the video card is the nvidia "titan" patch on the JaS osx86 iso during install.. maybe the patch recognized the card but didn't totally activate it. I heard about the macvidia site.. think I can find some help there?


Thanks for the nfo!! :(


If anybody else has any kind of idea, I'd appreciate to know it!!


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How do I make my GeForce Go 7300 working ? This is a Qosmio laptop.


MacVidia seems to be down for maintenance for weeks or something.

Can one of you tell me how you make the GeForce Go 7300 work ?

Right now it works as VGA in 1024x768 resolution but when I install any packages Natit based I get Unknown NVIDIA.


Some people said they could get it to work at 1280x800 but I can't get it boot after I installed the drivers. (Yes, I've used the right dev_id+ven_id)




What's the packaged you installed, what's the IOPCIMatch used ?


Much appreciated!


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It's been a while since I've visited this site.. I completely forgot I put this blog up in the first place!


to -q-master:

The only problem I've had with my nvidia geforce go 7300 has been the fact that it has 512mb of ram and mac only read 128mb. It was perfectly recognised in all it's other features, such as the resolution up to 1680x1050, and so forth..


the only thing I installed for my gpu was the nvidia "titan" patch that you can find in the "macOSx86 10.4.8 JAS.iso" file.

I really don't know if it's still being seeded somewhere, I really do hope so!


PS: The problem with the incorrect amount of ram being detected from mac is the fact that the nvidia 7300 actually has 128mb of fisical

ram, and the rest is used from the system!

I directly contacted nvidia tecnicians to know details of the graphics card, and thats what they told me.. 


If anyone finds out how to make it work 100%, please share!!


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