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  1. Sleep doesn't work with AMD

    Well, theoretically all we should have to do is replace the bios on our systems with an openfirmware clone that works with amd systems.... and also make sure our graphics cards have working drivers which is a minimum for s3 sleep to even have a tiny chance of success
  2. Creative X-Fi any closer?

    I wouldn't count on that. Also, their driver is mostly binary so it will only work for linux systems using kernel 2.6 (or perhaps only 2.6.20) and only 64-bit edition. In other words, they would have to remake the entire x-fi binary alsa driver for darwin kernel and sound system and since it's creative we're talking about, that should only take like.... 5-10 years for them to accomplish
  3. Either you install OS X to an PATA-drive first and then add the Nforce4 SATA-driver to Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns-folder and then clone the PATA-drive to the SATA-drive.... or you could download any installation medium that already has bikedude:s SATA-driver integrated which allows you to install directly to your SATA-drive.
  4. They say magic only works if you believe in it.... no idea if the same applies to magic fairies though
  5. As long as you only read from your sata-drive, it should work fine. But if you try to write data to it you'll get data corruption until working MCP55-drivers are out..... old news ftw! In other words, it works fine if you're only going to use it to read from ntfs-partitions on a sata-drive but not for installing osx on a sata-drive.
  6. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Meanwhile I've successfully booted with USB-support by disabling USB2.0 in bios. I also have to disconnect and reconnect all USB-devices after successfull boot for them to actually work.
  7. How come both nv30hal and nv40hal seems to be loaded? Do you have identifier-strings for your card on both of these? Only one hal should be active....
  8. It's because there are no OSX installations-cd:s that actually include the Nforce4 SATA-kext in the kextcache on the cd. What this means is that you will only get Nforce4 SATA-support after installation, in other words you have to install to a PATA-drive first and either choose to install the Nforce4 SATA-driver (if you have patched your installation-medium to include this) or install the Nforce4-kext afterwards and then clone your entire installation over to the SATA-drive. Can't get any easier say?
  9. Osx Install on a 680i Sli

    No stable SATA-support, most other hardware should work out of the box.... except (possibly) for USB2.0-support which should work after installing the latest generic EHCI-driver from here -> http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=28559
  10. very very low xbench score !

    Running OS X with only 256Mb of ram is like running Windows XP with only 64-128Mb and it certainly wont make it easier for xbench to work out reliable results....
  11. CI needs access to pixelshaders on the graphicscard, and that ofcourse needs OpenGL and Quartz Extreme active.... which ofcourse is 100% dependent on working graphicssubsystem and drivers. Check your kext-files and make sure everything loads as it should. And also, Natit can be quite pain in the as on certain motherboard, graphics-combinations and graphicscardbioses.
  12. nVidia Geforce GO 7300 - Problem with RAM

    Could it possibly be caused by your card actually having only 128mb of physical ram and the rest is Turbocache which doesn't work, prolly cause of lacking support in graphicsdrivers. You should probably write a letter to Nvidia and ask for better "Hackintosh"-support
  13. As long as you make sure it doesn't use the Via SATA kext you should be fine. Installing to an IDE-drive, installing NF4 SATA kext and then cloning your installation over to the SATA-drive using Clonetool Hatchery works just fine.... for us with older socket939 nforce4 motherboards that is
  14. That's because your installation media has modified Via SATA-drivers included which, as you might know by, does not work with Nvidia-chipsets (diskarb and buss timeout errors). In other words, your drives will show up but you will get data corruption at best.
  15. How many times do we have to tell people...... NO NO and NO. These drivers WILL NOT WORK on any other chipset than the older Nforce4/Ultra. In other words, Asus M2N and other bords using Nforce 4xx/5xx/6xx won't work with SATA until someone figures out what timings are needed for the SATA on these chipsets.