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Fastest CPU I can use for Hackntosh? Intel D945GTP Mobo


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Person at local electronics store said I could use a duo core. He is wrong. While true they are the same ..775 LGA, if you go to the intel site you will see that it is not supported.


Wondering what the fastest yet quiet CPU I can throw in there. Pentium D930 Dual Core runs hot which = loud fan.


Ok, it seems that the D 960 is the fastest. I should assume this runs just as hot???


So, if I where to keep my HD's with 10.4.8 installed as well as Natit Nvidia working for Nvidia 7600GS, what board/cpu combo would give me a boost? I am assuming you could to some extent, just replace the motherboard and CPU. Might need to make an edit or two to get LAN working.


Just wondering what board supports the newer duo cores 2 as well as plug and play as this board (mine), the D945GTP (with ONBOARD GMA) although I use Nvidia 7600 GS, works almost out of box and is small form factor.



Looking for something similar!


My PRESENT Motherboard!!!


Thank you my friends!


PS. Can someone point me to the HCL portion for motherboards? I would like to keep mostly what I have on here and get to, or as close to the above mother board and am hopeful for a hot swap, meaning just swap out MOBO and CPU.


Wow, I just went to HCl page that I found.


Am very VERY surprised at the limited amount of INTEL boards listed.


See here:



Is it an intel matter? I remember when Intel Motherboards were the best out of the box solutions, and this forum (OSx86 Installation) took me 5 pages deep and I still didn't see any out of box or mother board (Intel mentioned).


Why is that?


Guess I am just asking best, quietest, Duo Core 2 that I can replace without losing/or reinstall, if possible!

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Well, Motherboards which have true full support for OS X like the ASUS p5ld2-vm (best one for OS X) don't fully support core 2 FSB for future updates (1333). On the other-hand, motherboards which are fully compatible with core 2 (intel 965 chipset) don't work properly with OS X. I'd say you should go with the p5ld2-vm and a core 2 e6600 if your NOT a serious overclocker and DON'T need to update your CPU every couple of months.

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