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Apple CPU Temperature and other Hardware Sensors Kext

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Hi. There are great OS X sensor utilities out there but it can't identity most of the sensors in an OSX86 system. It'd be great if these programs could also see the sensors of an OSX86 system. Under OSX86 10.4.8 looking at the kext in the Extensions folder in System/Library/Extensions, there seems to be kext for Apple temperature sensors like the: AppleK2Fan.kext, AppleCPUThermo.kext, AppleFan.kext, AppleHWSensor.kext and it seems even the motion detector, the SMCMotionSensor.kext. Does anyone know how to change the sensor's IDs to the sensors found in a board like the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 and which ID to change it to. Hopefully PC board makers get their sensors from just one manufacturer.


Any mod or hack would be alright, if changing IDs won't be the solution.

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Clearly not what he was looking for. I second his query. I'd love to remap the sensors to the proper IDs (or w/e) for OS X to recognize them. Has there been any work done in this area? I'm sick and tired of having to launch these crappy ugly programs to check the temps vs just using iStat Menu or the like. I think its safe to say that the goal of OSx86 is to get OS X running as natively and on as much hardware as possible.


I think I may have the skills, or at least the aptitude to work on this, my only problem is I'm not quite sure where to start, and I don't have the toolset required. I've got your average hackers toolkit, (The Xcode Suite) and various '0xed' like programs.


Any gurus out there who know what they're doing?


Quick update:


After I posted I went out and started looking around some more, and I came across these two files from iSlayer: http://islayer.com/support/?p=21


1. http://islayer.com/software/intel/IntelSensors_iStatnano.zip

2. http://islayer.com/software/intel/IntelSensors_iStatpro.zip


Two opensource projects (I don't know how they differ at the moment, I've only looked at iStatnano so far) for sensing values from the intel hardware. I'll keep you posted, but please don't shy from sharing anything you have just because I'm looking into something! :(



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These bunch of sensor are for all different types of macs, so dont believe macs are so hypersensored.


there is a cpu sensor, which we cant use ( AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement)

if you have a Nvidia card you have a GPUsensor listed in your ioreg ( HWsensor)


and Hardware Monitor by Bresink installs a kernel extension, to monitor the temperatures of cpu, harddisks and gpu.

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