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  1. Hi. This is just gonna' be used for internet and to revive it. What's the best Linux for this laptop? Recommendations are welcome. Thanks. Gbu.
  2. Hi. Windows 7 (I'm on Boot Camp. Using it for games) not OS X:) Thanks for the reply though.
  3. Hi. It's sometimes useful to switch the color bit-depth of Windows to black and white or grayscale or thousands of colors for some work. The control panel to change the bit depth for the colors is not in the control panels. Does anyone know how to change it? Thank you in advance. Gbu. Update: I found the settings in the Monitor tab in the advanced settings but there's no setting for grayscale or black and white.
  4. Hi. I installed the patch 1.1 for Crysis Warhead which has the 64-bit version of the game which I'm running under Windows 7 64-bit on Boot Camp and I've tried the the compatibility mode (Vista to Vista SP2). I've also updated the ATI drivers as well as the Boot Camp drivers. I'm using the latest Snow Leopard. When I click on the game's application (64-bit version), it would launch then it goes black with just the mouse cursor (you can move it about) which seems to be in low resolution and I guess it would crash so I would push the button on this late iMac 2009 and Windows would go back to the desktop then shutdown. Has anyone made Crysis Warhead 64-bit work with Boot Camp Win7 64-bit with this iMac (it has the ATI 4850)? Is this because it's Boot Camp or that it's Windows 64-bit or is it the ATI graphics chip? Thank you in advance. Gbu.
  5. Hi. Is there anyway to log what Windows 7 is loading so that you can find out what APIs and programs it uses to run itself and certain programs so that you can maybe streamline Windows 7 to just run a certain program without loading the others not essential to run that program? Thank you in advance. Gbu
  6. Hi. What is the advantage of the PowerPC when it comes to the 3 gaming consoles? Why PowerPC chosen? Thanks in advance. Gbu.
  7. Hi. Is it possible to get rid of the the components of Windows 7 to make it GUI less. It'll only run one program for example Crysis or Crysis 2. I was wondering if you strip it off it's GUI and other things that's not needed to run Crysis or games, it would be faster? It'll be a computer running Crysis only or for gaming only. Thank you in advance. Gbu.
  8. Hi. My ATM card's magnetic strip is peeling off just a little bit on the left side, about 3mm. Where is the info recorded in the magnetic strip? Is it in the entire surface of the strip? If the info is in the middle, I'll just slice that side that's peeling off coz' it's only 3mm or I'll superglue it underneath (but I'd rather slice it). This'll save me time from asking for another card from the bank. Thank you in advance. Gbu.
  9. Hi. The Intuos3's upper 1/4 part does not seem to detect anything and does not seem to work. The lower 3/4 is alright. I've tweaked the mapping and reinstalled software already (I've set things in default in the Intuos control panel). It wasn't dropped but had always just been on the table connected to the Mac all the time. I'm using a late iMac 2009 with OS 10.6.4 What could be a good fix for this (if this had to be sold as defective, how much is the fair price)? Thank you in advance. Gbu, Alvin
  10. Hi. I use the late iMac 2009. How do you clone a Boot Camp Win 7 64-bit to an External Drive? I'm experimenting on booting from an external drive using the rEfit boot manager which I boot from a CD. I've tested the rEfit and it sees the Windows from the external drive. The external drive is designed to be opened so you can replace the hard drive. Although rEfit could see and attempt to boot it, the drivers in that hard drive's Win 7 install is different because the PC where it was installed is different from the iMac. If I could clone the Boot Camp Win 7 install to the external drive and rEfit sees it, maybe I could boot Win 7 from a USB external drive. I don't think this would work that's why maybe to clone the Boot camp install would work more- if I use the Win 7 in Boot Camp to install Win 7 to the external drive, I don't think Win 7 would let you install it there. Thank you in advance. Gbu, Alvin
  11. Hi. I read that Steam's Team Fortress 2 is free until the 12th but where's the link to download the free Team Fortress 2. All I see is the Add to Cart which would mean you're gonna' buy it. Thanks in advance. Gbu.
  12. Hi. Thanks, will any of these (iBored, Chameleon, RebelEFI, etc.) work on a real Mac? I'll be using my iMac i7. Which bootloader mentioned would be the best for this Mac? The USB Flash drive would be an HP v220w (highly recommended 16GB USB drive, it's all metal, the whole thing plugs it, partitioned only for the bootloader so the rest of the flash drive could be used. It's small and elegant like jewelry. It's metal it decipitates heat more efficiently).
  13. Hi. I'll need a bootloader to experiment on (I won't use the option key on boot method). It's hard to install bootloaders using the linux commands and using the Mac. Is there a bootloader (GRUB, Syslinux, LILO, etc.) that's already in .DMG or .ISO or .CDR so I can just burn it as bootable to a CD or even a Flash drive? Thanks in advance. Gbu
  14. Hi. If you're applying at your bank and you want everything under your bank who require proof of income like the COE, ITR or payslip. With the emergence of the internet there are more freelancers earning from the internet who are self-employed but do not have a company nor are they employed at a company who need a card to help them out with earning through the internet or other freelance means (home computer repair for example). But what if you're applying for a credit card, as a freelancer how do you show proof of income that is guaranteed be honored by the bank? Gbu, Alvin
  15. Thanks for the replies. If it can use and detect more than 4GB with the kernel mode in 32-bit default using PAE. there's no more advantage then in using this iMac with the kernel in 64-bit mode since that's the advantage of 64-bit systems? Unless having a full 64-bit system does more than just use more than 4GB, should I go back to 32-bit mode kernel? I heard if you're on 64-bit mode, some programs will actually slow down and some will not even run?