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Sony VAIO TX Ultra Portable

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I'm in the market for a new laptop and I'm in love with the Vaio TX series, specifially this one.


I've been a Mac user almost exclusively for years, so I'd lament having to start using Windows just because Apple doesn't make an ultra portable laptop. I've got (limited) experience in installing OSx86 on other systems, and I was wondering if OSx86 would install without too much trouble on this computer.


It's got an Intel Core Solo Processor U1500 Ultra Low Voltage.


Thank you for any help/information.

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Ummm... me too!!


I am waiting for over a year now, for the new MacBook Mini !! But since the latest rumor is that it's going to take a while, I cannot wait any longer to switch to a Mac OS-X notebook, only I need to have a lightweight notebook (~2.5lbs / ~1.2kg range) for I carry it with me 24h/day.


I will very much appreciate help in this matter



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