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  1. DVD NEC 2510A not working

    Hello. I suggest you try Giorgi's kext again. I have iDeneb 1.3 (10.5.5) with same problem, and kext fixed my problem. namely, after you boot with correctly installed kext, if it doesn't work, then probably after the kext was loaded, then depending on your hard-drives configuration - the order in which OSX lays them out may have changed. For example Disk0 is pushed to being Disk1, and a new Disk0 is now showing. And as such, you need to tell the system to boot from Disk1. you can do that by clicking F8 and boot with rd=disk1s1, or rd=disk0s1, or rd=disk1s2, or rd=disk0s2 Also add -V and -F (-v to see the errors, -f to make sure it loads the kext from disk rather from cache)
  2. I wonder if you guys could help me: Is there a "patched" version of BLESS ? I'm using an iAtkos 4.1i (10.5.4 with Vanilla 9.40), and I also tried with iDeneb v.1.3 (10.5.5 with Vanilla 9.50). I'm installing a disk encryption program, that needs to "Bless" a 32mb boot-image file. The installer runs a shell script, that runs the bless command. It fails saying its "unable to set boot device" or similar message. When I ran the Bless command manually on the image file, with the correct arguements from the installer script, only in Verbose mode of bless -- bless says that everything is successfull up until the part where it needs to set as boot. This part doesn't work. It is an EFI boot image obviously, and it may be worth noting that I tried with both Chameleon and Darwin-EFI bootloaders in stalled (from iAtkos distro). I do realize that even if you guys can help "Blessing" and setBoot'ing the 32mb boot-image, there is still a chance it won't be able to boot it properly without some patching. We'll see about that in due course, I hope! To note, this program I'm installing works great OOB on Apple Macs (Intel Based Only) and *requires* a GPT partition table. (which I have). My laptop is ThinkPad x300, and the program is from CheckPoint (licensed): PointSec for Mac 3.0 HFA1 They won't help me getting it running on NocBook... only on MacBook..
  3. I wonder if you guys could help me: I have an issue with "bless" command. I'm trying to install "Checkpoint Endpoint security - Pointsec for Mac 3.0" - it is a whole-disk-encryption program. It is intended for Intel Based Macs. It uses a 32mb file as a boot-image, blessed by the bless command. I'm installing it on a Thinkpad, with iAtkos v4.1i. Tried it with both GUID and MBR partition schemes, with Chameleon and Darwin-EFI bootloaders, and with AHCI or non_AHCI drivers. It doesn't help. The installer runs a script, which all works up until the "bless", which fails setting the BOOT flag on the image. Running "bless" in verbose mode, shows everything is successful up until the "setting boot" part......... I read somewhere that I should be using a Chameleon-modified bless binary, but I don't know where to get one of those. (I can post the log file if needed) I cannot contact CheckPoint and tell them... err.. guys... it doesn't work on my NOTbook-Pro......... nor on my NOCbook-Air...
  4. Intel GMA X3100

    Dude... 3 months googling and searching InsanelyMac (and I'm a very good Googler usually)... and all I needed is your Wonder Zip... tried 10 different (no kid... 10 different) Wonder Packs, some just the *X3100.kext + *X3100FB.kext, most are also with the extra 3 or 4 Plugins/Bundles. None Worked. .......................In short, I just installed yours, QE/CI OOB, no Standby {censored}. Nothing. Snap! SticMAN you da MAN !! ----------------------------------- IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad X300 (Graphics link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmycm0mmny0 (Install with KextHelper.. Kudos to **SticMAN**) SierraWireless AirCard MC8775 - Need help powering the baby on without Pin-10 Tampering... got drivers etc..
  5. keplenk, prawker, any updates? Have you installed Leopard? With the new MacBooks released yesterday, we know X3100 works. And the 4965agn drivers are available in Beta version. Did you get WiFi to work? I am about to purchase an X3100 / 4965agn Laptop, either Panasonic Y7 (14" 1440x1050 @ 1.5kg), or IBM X61/X61s (1024x768 only, but at 1.32kg). MacBooks are 2.31kg :-( I already purchase Leopard license, hoping for the best. I'd really love your input -sayagain
  6. Sony VAIO TX Ultra Portable

    Ummm... me too!! I am waiting for over a year now, for the new MacBook Mini !! But since the latest rumor is that it's going to take a while, I cannot wait any longer to switch to a Mac OS-X notebook, only I need to have a lightweight notebook (~2.5lbs / ~1.2kg range) for I carry it with me 24h/day. I will very much appreciate help in this matter Thanks
  7. Do I need the Jas 4.2 patch?

    I had the same problem (crash when entering Networking). I re-installed today with JaS and that specific problem is gone. But every patch has its own bads I guess, I am not where I want to be with stability yet. About update, I don't know. But I do know that if you don't have an original (unpatched) version of the 8F1111-ISO you can unpatch and repatch with JaS if you use the original wesley patcher/unpatcher. see http://www.win2osx.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2738
  8. Latest build to install?

    Thanks. I unpatched and patched with Jas, verified md5 of 'patched-with-jas' equivalent, installed. still crashes, but at least I can go online with this one. Anyone familiar with this crash? "Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00000006. (6 when stuffit crashes. 7 when ichat). Also 'Launchd' always closes abnormally in system log.
  9. Latest build to install?

    Is there anything newer than 8f1111 install ISO? I have been cracking teeth with 10.4.3 8f1111 on both X31 and X40 thinkpads. Installation was easy. I used 8f1111 pre-patched with Wesley. It crashed all the time so I installed the Maxxuss kernel on top of it, and ran an apple-update downloaded from Maxxus. (I couldn't just use JaS because it says I need a non-patched version of 8f1111 DMG, but I had pre-patched). Only on the X31 the ehternet works, and I'm just about to enter a new adventure installing D-Link usb-wifi (coz intel-wireless don't work on both). If there's no newer version, can I unpatch a 8f1111-wesley and patch it otherwise? Do I even need to? I had no problems during installation! it crashes when running programs. I want to say goodbye to Windows! Any help will be appriciated. TIA.
  10. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Bad news indeed. Ok, I've decided I will use the X31 for this instead, which has Intel_VE-100-Nic (native support) once I get the crashes out (0x001 / KERN_INVALID*...), I'll also buy a usb-wifi as both X's wireless don't work..
  11. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    sorry, didn't see this until now. Being on the same boat as tinhead, makes me feel Safe!
  12. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Hello TinHead I have 5751m which is device-string 167D (on thinkpad X41, called Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet). I did exactly like you instructed (patched your kext also), and now I'm getting "NVRAM failed" and "not respond to magic constant" error in system log. I installed native 10.4.3 8f1111 DVD-ISO pre-patched with wesley (it also crash little bit on safari on another computer, X31) OSX is completely offline.. help!