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Stuck at Apple LOGO

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i tryed that -v and -x neither worked, and



CPU: Intel Celeron D 2.80GHz



1 Hard Disk (80GB) all for macintosh


OS: Macintosh OS X 10.4.8 (JaS version for SSE2,3)


USB Mouse


Serial Port Keyboard


1 GB Ram


Intel 10/100 VE Netwwork Connection






Windows XP/Ubuntu 4/KDE (Knoppix)/Windows 2000


Seriously, im desperate it wont boot, it just sits at gray logo and after loading it hangs and plays music. I guess for setting up your new mac, because it happens after i reboot from OS X Setup, It hangs on first reboot..

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you do realize that you need to hit f8 after the emachines bios screen as soon as the disc loads and you get the osx boot...this happens always before the grey screen with the apple....you aren't doing it right, try again by hitting f8, then at the prompt type '-v' to enter verbose mode so that someone can help you trouble shoot. You may also consider reading the wiki because it has alot of your answers. Also if you want people to help you you need to find the detailed specs of your system including your CPU, info about your mobo including chipset, how about your Harddrive (IDE or SATA)???

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