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Vista Ulitmate Edtion On 256mb ram


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I been sring a lot of tweak guids out ther and the best I found is use Vlite and build a custom installtion to fit you own tower or taptop... I own a amd 3200+ with 2 gig of ram and I cam up with the ulitmate edtion instaltion useing the following...


Vista Ulitmate Edtion 32 (Vlite)



-System Inforamtion

-WIndows Sidebar and Gadgets


(cept all drives)

Hardware Suport



-WIM (windows Image Acquisition)



-Windows Media Codecs

-WIndows Media PLayer

-Windows Photo Gallery

-WIndows Photo Viewer


-Windows Communication Foundation


-Application Experience

-Volume Shadow Copy

-Windows Search





-system Restore

-WIndows backup

-Windows SAT


and IE7



I kept intacted all the system backup and restore software. I also kept the Media Player and Photo viwer as well as DX10. ever thign eles as been scrapted as well as Desktop Manger and Aero.... keeping this intire os under 1gig ISO and able to run ulitmate on pc with a minimal 256mb ram.. on highend pc this os smokes in perfomance and speed and stablity wil mataicing backup and system restore in can of user accdents. also Permainty actviated untill they fix the OEM hacks...




screen shots to demistion system cumsomtions....


first image amd 3200 + with 256mb and SVGA card.... (Vlite Edtion)


Second image amd 3200+ with 2gig ram and x700 256mb card....(Ulitmate Edtion with all Extras Installed and DreamScene Running)


shot 1 has 256mb ram and 64% being used. with 21$ cpu time (usely runs with 2%cpu laod)

shot 2 has 2gig ram and is useing 55%ram and cpu load of 99% 9usely runs with 45% cpu load)


runing Sniping tool incresed CPU load will it luanched and frezzed screens...







(edit give me a sec to upload pics)

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