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Unable to Install OS 10.4.6 on AMD


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Need help

Machine COnfig as under

AMD Athlon 3200+ CPU

Asus A8N-VM Mother Board

Bios 0506

Socket 939

Nvidia GE Force 6100


If i start installing the OS with my AMD 10.4.6 installation DVD I get a message Reboot to Install & do not move further to it.


Please Help me ASAP

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Did you go through the genius bar, tutorial and faq sections yet? This is a very common problem and quite difficult to pinpoint if you don't know exactly how things are configured.

Some of the things you might try:

- Use IDE insted of SATA, if possible.

- Always pin your IDE HDD to master (no cable select)

- Remove any overclocking settings you may have in your BIOS

- Enable ACPI

- Do not combine PS2 with USB keyboards/mice


Also, the DVD you are using is quite dated. Try downloading tubgirls 10.4.8 DVD; it works better for AMD systems.


Good luck,



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Hi Hecker

Thankx for the updates. can you give any link for tubgirls 10.4.8 DVD. Preferablely Rapidshare


Hi Zizou

I think mine is SSE2/3 as it is a AMD Athlon 64 3200+

Thankx for the updates.

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Comp Specs as under


CPU:AMD Athlon64 3200+ @2.01Ghrz>Socket:939

MB:SAUS A8N-VM ACPI - Bios 0506

RAM:1GB DDR 533 Mhz

DISPLAY : Nvidia GeForce 6100 128 MB Shared

Monitors:NEC LCD 1525M

SOUND : On Board

HDD : 160 GB IDE + 400 GB IDE

DVDRW: Iball

OS:Win XP Professional SP2


Please help me how to install MAC OS X. I need It badly. Also let me know where can I get the tubgirl and the medevil's sata kext to download.

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