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mozy - online free web storage for mac (beta is out!)

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Mozy just released a Beta-Version of their Online-Backup-Software - looks interesting, i´m checking it right now.


Uploading with speeds above 300kbyte/s, the program has a nice interface on which you can define what to back up (word files, presentations, music, photos, or "normal" file-based-dialogs) ..


looks cool, here is my referral link (i get 1 gb of space additional for 4 referrals...just thought you should know that)




Link without referral:





Thank you for your attention ;-)

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Quite nice I try this service on Windows almost year ago and dump it because of speed. Now when I have faster internet this service have much more sense. It is easiest backup I have ever seen.


hot features for me

Mozy does what are called "differential" backups, which means that it only backs up portions of your files that have changed since the last time they were backed up

if your first backup was a 2 GB backup and then you delete some files from your computer so that your next backup is set up to back up 1.7 GB, Mozy will report your quota usage as 1.7 GB. Your 2 GB backup will be kept in the archive and deleted after 30 days without counting against your quota.


If you won try it use referral you will get extra 250 MB to default 2 GB it's win win solution.



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I downloaded mozy's backup software but keep getting kernel protection failure.


Darwin 8.8.1 Darwin Kernel Version 8.8.1: Sat Dec 9 22:18:27 AZOT 2006; semthex:/nebukadnezar/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 on Intel Bad Axe2, everything else on my system works fine.


Anyone experienced this problem?




I experience the same problem on my Macbook Pro, running 10.4.9. I guess it must have something to do with the applications I use since both machines have pretty much the same software configuration. I've just emailed mozy support, hopefully they'll be able to tell me more about what could be causing the problem. I looked at the crash log but I could not make much out of it.

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