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Radeon 9550 AGP 2550 Success

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Hi there everyone...


I had been wandering around, seeking my answers throughout the forums, especially about my display/accelleration related problems. I have an Intel P4 2.8 Ghz (non-HT), 1,25Gig RAM and a Dedicated 40GB Maxtor PATA for OSx86. I use my Sapphire Radeon 9550 256 both for Windows XP and for OSx86...


And finally, I had succeeded in enabling both realtime resolution-change and CI/QE support. Thanks go out to everyone that I cannot remember names, but especially grifter and daddyo (about their posts on CI/QE here and here)... Man, you have made my OS-X life clearer :) Also, I thank Omni for his work on Callisto drivers... (without them, I would just be cursing the day I changed from NVidia to ATI)


And, as a bonus, I had eluded mouse-tearing problem with help of L_X's post (35843). MightyMouse and his cursor theme makes it perfect.


Also, a Mac without FrontRow would be a man with one leg. Here came in Kyrie1965 with his post here.


I had already got Via Rhine Ethernet support by using viarhine-rel.tar 02-06-13.gz I had downloaded here, from a page on this forum (I cannot recall the address or the original poster, but whoever you are, thanks)


So, currently, IT ALL WORKS :)(Besides the AGP thing, which I have no intent to pursue)


Biostar mobo (Via Chipset)

Via Rhine Compatible Ethernet

O/B AC97 Sound (In/Out/Line works out of the box)

Sapphire Radeon 9550 256 MB - CI/QE enabled

AG-Neovo 19" Widescreen LCD - 1440x900x32@75

PS2 Microsoft Keyboard

USB A4tech Mini Mouse


Thanks, everyone!


PS: I would love it, if someone sent me a BIOS image of a Radeon 9600 PRO/Non-PRO with ELPIDA(twn) RAM Chips like mine has. I checked around nearly every image on www.techpowerup.com forums, but was unsuccessful. I believe my ram chips have 5.0 timings (@200Mhzx2)

Keep up the good work :)

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