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  1. Emre SUMENGEN

    Mac OS X Mavericks Successfully Installed on GA-B75M-D3H

    Hi, I'm also running Sierra 10.12.5 on this board with the following config... GA-B75M-D3H Bios F15 (tried with F11 as well and got the same result, didn't try F12) i5-3570K 8GB 1600Mhz RAM Corsair SSD Nvidia GTX650 Using iMac13,2 Clover 4091 I only don't have sleep. I've dealt with HDMI Audio using HDMIAudio.kext injected via Clover, along with LAN and FakeSMC kexts. When I choose Sleep from the apple menu, display sleeps, but the computer stays all awake. It comes back all working when I press a key, so essentially it doesn't sleep at all. I also used PikerAlpha's ssdtPRgen.sh script to generate an SSDT.aml, but I guess it wasn't really necessary with this board as it did change nothing. Speedstep is working with or without the SSDT. To fix it, I tried applying Pjalm's patch for the motherboard, but whether I apply a graphics patch (4000) after MB or not, I get error when trying to boot with the DSDT installed. It just panics at the beginning of boot and the last line before KP is about "AppleACPIPlatformExpert::start failed." and "Unable to find driver for this platform"... Any ideas?
  2. Emre SUMENGEN

    Stuck on white screen

    All components including sound? I've been trying the non-UEFi mode (as I'm still angry to myself for getting stuck with that ugly non-working Clover UEFI Boot option from past tries). I created a USB installer which uses Chameleon (or rather Chimera now, but Chameleon worked as well) without any kexts, using GraphicsEnabler=No. Only thing that's not working is sound (and iMessage). When I install ALC887 kext along with kext-dev-mode=1, it stops booting. (Tried without kext-dev-mode as well.) My config is as follows: GA-B75M-D3H Core-i5 3570K 2 x 4GB Kingston 1600 MHz DDR3 Nvidia GTX650 Corsair Force3 128GB SSD Any suggestions? (I'll take any hints on trying Clover, if it includes removing the damned old boot option, without flashing bios.)
  3. Emre SUMENGEN

    Mac OS X Mavericks Successfully Installed on GA-B75M-D3H

    Hi everyone, I'm curious if anybody tried (and possibly had success) with installing Yosemite on this board, along with discrete or onboard graphics...
  4. Emre SUMENGEN

    Integrated Graphics (Dell Vostro - X3100)

    Hi everyone, any new info? @Marocain: Can you elaborate? What did you use to get it running? @mnfesq: Which kexts did you copy over? I'm having a KP problem when I install the 10.6.2 kexts...
  5. Emre SUMENGEN

    Asus EEE 1215N

    Sorry to hear that... I honestly didn't have to do anything to get graphics working with my Jetway. But, have you tried with your DSDT as well? (And/or check if the stock DSDT have required graphics methods/headers etc?) (I'm no expert in DSDT stuff, and maybe I'm just lucky that mine pretty much works without any edits.)
  6. Emre SUMENGEN

    Asus EEE 1215N

    Well, my Jetway is a minitop, which means it doesn't have an internal display. So, I honestly can't say much about that. But, yes i can boot without the dsdt, as far as I can remember. (At least it was so, with Lion. Didn't really try it with SL...I'm trying to work out the wireless WPA/WPA2 issue currently.)
  7. Emre SUMENGEN

    Asus EEE 1215N

    Sorry I missed this The Jetway doesn't have a VGA-out, only HDMI and DVI. But I have tried DVI with a DVI-to-VGA converter into my VGA monitor, and it works all fine. Haven't tried the onboard sound, except from Nvidia's "sound over HDMI", as I'm using this with my HDTV... Sorry about that. Hmmm, I honestly don't know much about the ASUS (hybrid graphics and all)... But, I can say my Jetway's stock DSDT (which I obtained using an Ubuntu live-cd) worked as well... So the DSDT that's been included in the guide might not be "a necessity". Maybe you can just drop in your own stock DSDT and see if it works? By the way, I've just finished installing SL 10.6.3 on the Jetway (using iAtkos S3 v2). I did install Chameleon 2.1RC (dunno which RC version, 16xx I guess) and it works. I believe I have some power management issues (fan spins up and blows all the time) and haven't tacked wireless yet. And, I still have the issue with sound... A weird issue indeed: It works with the Datron LCD, but doesn't work at all with the new Samsung LED SmartTV (UE55D6500)... Sigh By the way, SL can utilize the whole 4Gigs... Nice. And full QE/CI, of course... Plex, Boxee and Front Row is a blaze. It can even run full 1080p videos, with negligible frame loss/choppiness.
  8. Emre SUMENGEN

    Asus EEE 1215N

    Partially working means, I can get audio over HDMI (well, it's a boxee/frontrow box) but sometimes it cracks, and somewhat doesn't work with my new Samsung LED, but weird enough works very fine with the old Datron LCD (both on HDMI, with the same cable)... And, recording devices don't work, no mic currently. Lion works very well with 2Gigs, no lags or anything whatsoever. (Ok, there might be some lags while playing a complex scene on a 1080p video, but I doubt that it's something related to ram.) I just followed the guide Nozyczek provided for a similar board. You can find his guides at http://sites.google.com/site/nozyczek ... Then I added ethernet, wireless and sound kexts, and upgraded to Chimera 1.6.0 to get Facetime+Appstore working. (I'm using a Logitech USB camera).
  9. Emre SUMENGEN

    Asus EEE 1215N

    As my post/topic (@TonyMac) shows, I've got Lion running on the Jetway right now (with only sound as "not-working", or partially working with VoodooHDA 0.2.1). I have been trying to get SL running on it for a while, but couldn't do much actually. (The reason for me trying SL is that with Lion, I get stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin] with 4Gigs of ram and can't get past it no matter what I try. I'm giving SL a shot, to see if I can use all the ram I have.) So, unfortunately no. Till now, I could start the installer (with arch=x86_64) in safe mode and do the installation. But the installed system does not really boot. It gets stuck with a kernel panic "No HPETs available CPU(s) configured incorrectly"... This is all I have right now. By the way, I've tried; 1) EmpireEFI Atom 10.8.5 + retail 10.6.0 (and 10.6.3) 2) EmpireEFI Atom 10.8.5 and retail 10.6.0/10.6.3 with respective TEA/atom kernel 10.3.0/10.6.0 3) Chameleon 2.1RC with retail 10.6.0/10.6.3 (on USB, dumped with disk utility) and Atom kernel 4) Chimera 1.6.0 with retail 10.6.0/10.6.3 (on USB, dumped with disk utility) and Atom kernel I either get a reboot right after "Starting Darwin" (when the display tries to switch to graphics mode, on verbose) -usually if I use arch=i386- or get a KP just like I said above -usually with arch=x86_64 and using an 64bit TEA/atom kernel. So, I can't report about QE/CI on SL, but under Lion all work ok. Transparent menubar works, Frontrow (enabled with another hack ) and Boxee works real fine and OpenGL benchmarks work too.
  10. Emre SUMENGEN

    Asus EEE 1215N

    The post at Tonymac is mine, and I'd be happy to help, if I can... (I'm trying to get it working with 4Gigs of ram, under Lion or Snow Leopard now, though...)
  11. Hi epete, Have you had any progress with iATKOS S3? I have a similar system (Jetway JBC600C99-52W with Atom D525 and Nvidia ION 2 - IDs show Nvidia GT218 rev A2 or smth. like that) and have had errors regarding my cpu not being recognized :pirate2: If there was a solution to that, I'd love to hear it. (I've already tried disabling HT off in BIOS and/or cpus=1 to no avail) Thanks
  12. Emre SUMENGEN

    HP G62T and nVidia Ion 2

    Bump! I, too, would love to find out some compatibility information on Ion2 (my mini-top uses D525 with NM10 - GT218 A2 Ion2) with snow leopard, or maybe even leopard... Looking forward to install some osx love on it, and go around on my tv with boxee
  13. Emre SUMENGEN

    I can't running Leopard on MSI PR200

    Well, i'm on the queue too
  14. Emre SUMENGEN

    iATKOS not booting up

    So, limac, have you had progress after all? I have a Datron laptop (that is identical to the MSI PR200) with T7250 2.0Ghz dual core cpu, 2GB RAM and 160GB SATA hdd. I think it has intel GMA 965 graphics onboard. Unfortunately, like most of laptop users, I can't be sure what mainboard is included in the device... Unfortunately again, I don't have an option to disable dual core on the bios, and "-v cpus=1" don't work either. iAtkos 2.0 dvd install locks with the same message above (on the first post).
  15. Emre SUMENGEN

    I can't running Leopard on MSI PR200

    Hi, Can you list what works and what doesn't? For ex. does the network (ethernet) and/or wireless work? You should be getting native 1280x800 with the Intel GMA, sound should also not be a problem, people say it could work with AppleAzalia or AppleHDA. I even think Bluetooth would be able to work, but that's just a guess of course. Anyway, can you drop us a list? (I've got the same machine, Datron MS1220 (or can be called MSI PR200, as they are identical) with T7250, 2GB ram and 160GB SATA hard-drive. I like the laptop but wonder if it's worth the try. I already have a Hackintosh on my desktop )