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Oh NO! MBP... won't start up...

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MacBook Pro Intel startup problem, strange...



Having coffee, reading a book listening to iTunes playing some great tunes when I need to check something online.


I try to wake my computer from sleep with my touchpad and... suddenly my iTunes starts skipping, playing, relapsing and playing the same bit over and over again - all while my screen never lit up or woke up from it's sleep.


Hmmm.... strange I think. I quickly tried a force-quit but to no avail. Dark sleepy screen and still the skipping music.


in a panic, I hold down the power button and power down.... (that'll show it! ha ha!) Alas, my victory was taken from my grips as... when I start up:



I get the startup sound, skipping over and over again and my laptop won't progress from there. It's an endless loop of what used to be a beautiful sound! My computer won't start, it just plays the same startup sound.


Ok, no problem I thought. I'll just boot up from the cd.... and ... nothing. Same thing.

disabling extensions ... nothing. Same thing.

the target disk firewire drive.... nothing. Same thing.


I can't get my 17" macbook pro, intel, 2.3ghz, 2gb ram, with every bell and whistle known to man to do anything else than... make an endless symphony of startup sounds.... intervals at nearly 2.5 seconds (which is faster than any d*#n windows machine I know!)


Cry for help! :rolleyes:

Has anyone had this problem before and ... please. Help. I'm in Poland after picking this up in the States during Christmas time. My macbook is like my right arm and I'm scratching my brain with my other.


I'm in a bad way without my laptop... Really! Appreciate any help anyone could throw my way!

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Go to the Apple store?


Sounds like a Firmware error. But you'll need to just get it to an Apple store ASAP.


For kicks, try resetting the PMU.

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Hmmm. I'm thinking it has to be something like that.


Just for helpers... how exactly do I do that? Resetting the PMU? Other than that... I have to train it up to Warsaw - 6 hours away.


Thanks for the help!

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It's been a while since your first post so in case your problem isn't solved yet - have you tried booting after removing the battery? Perhaps you've got a model from one of those batches with dodgy batteries. I've read something about serious battery issues on the MBP a while ago.

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Kay, sounds like you have a similar problem that I had very VERY recently. Try this, not sure if it will work for the PRO, but it solved the very same problem for my MacBook, literally 5 minutes ago.


Make sure ur compy is off.


Remove your battery. underneath where ur battery sat, on the computer should be instructions on how to access the RAM cards of the computer. The screws are very tiny, so get yourself a small screwdriver, like a tech deck or glasses repairing screwdriver, and remove the three screws holding the silver faceplate on. After u have that off, pull the levers that come out of the drives to loosen the RAM cards. Remove the cards, then insert them back into the drives exactly as they were. U will need to use some force, as these little buggers are a bit stubborn. Once you are certain that they will not go into the drives any farther, u can try to reboot by plugging into the wall. If your computer reboots sucessfully as mine did, turn it back off, rescrew the plate back on, then insert the battery.


I hope this helps, as it worked in my case, and it sounds like your computer did exactly what mine did, so this may help. Your RAM cards may have come a bit loose and need reseating.


Best of luck! =P

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