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Cheapest PCI-E TV-OUT working card?

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I'm looking to add a PCI-E card to my HTPC which has tv-out working with natit.


Can anyone who has TV-out working with natit or titan please post the make and model of card they're using?






- munky

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aed: nice one, thx. i have a VGA to TV converter at the moment, which does at max 1024x768.... think i'd be better to stick with that?

As for me, I prefer to use a converter, because the image quality is better plus I can reposition a screen with it. My converter does 1280x1024, but the letters are too small to read.


2tomtefar: My 7600GT has 2 DVI, but if you need VGA use an adapter that comes with a card. And actually I use Titan.kext, as Natit always gives me problems. You can only use 1 device at a time - monitor or TV. Hope it helps you!

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