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How to install OXx86 without a dvd burner


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I have a Dell dimesion 4600. I have win xp installed on an 8gb IDE hard disk. I have a 20gb IDE hard disk that is partitioned into 10 and 10gb. The first partition is type AF, the second is NTFS. Both are primary partitions. I put the tiger-osx86-flat.img and dd.exe into the NTFS partition. I ran the DD command, waited a while. It gave no errors. I used macdrive to access the mac partiton and got the chain0 file, put it into C:\ and added the correct line to boot.ini. When I boot, and choose Mac OSx86, I get a "chain loading error". When I take out the windows Hard Drive (8gb), set the 20gb as master (well, on the end of the cable for cable select) and try to boot (without the Windows bootloader), i get "HFS+ Partition Error".


I'm confused, because using MacPlus Macdrive, i can access the partition fine, and get files off of it.


If anyone could help, I'd be very happy.



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My recommendation:

1. forget that img you have ,its {censored}. Go to a torrent site and download Mac OS X 10.4.6 Jas


2. In Windows , format one of the partitions on drive 2 as a Fat32 partition.


3. Boot into the 10.4.6 Jas that you should have burned to a dvd.


4. During the install you will at some point in the first 4 or 5 screens have accessto a top menu bar

where the disk utility is located. Using that utility format that Fat32 partition as a Mac (HFS)



5. Leave the utility when done and install to the newly created partition which you will be able to select.


6 . BE SURE TO DO A CUSTOM INSTALL so you can choose from the Jas dropdown list of relevant

modifications depending on your system.

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I'm not familiar with VMWare at all, but I'd say VMware Workstation (it's downloadable) is all you need..


But make sure the version OS X dvd you're downloading is VM compatible.. Some just aren't if I'm not mistaken.


Ps, Apology accepted.

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Okay, I downloaded the 30 day trial of VMware workstation, tried several times to install, but it would hang while the install was loading. But then I just realized that the image i downloaded was the 10.4.8, not the 10.4.6 you recommended. I really don't want to download another huge file (it took me almost 20 hours to download the first one). Is there any way to boot from an ISO without burning it to dvd (i have no dvd burner)? I tried using WinRAR to extract the iso to a HD partition, but no go.





By the way, this image that i downloaded, when i extract it with winrar, it comes out with only these files, which total only 144kb (the image i downloaded was 4.37gb.)










That seems a little strange.




EDIT: It works-I just didn't wait long enough

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Ok. I got it to boot up in VMware, the first time i did it, it seemed to work. The screen that says welcome to JaS install came up. I was just about to go to Utilites to format my disk, but then i got a "The install can't continue, an error has occured" It tells me that i can open the log, but the cursor is stuck in the spinning rainbow, and I can't clikc on anything. Now when i boot up, after i select the language, it does the "preparing installation", then i goes directly to the Install cannot continue error. After about 10 secs, It prints some text on the screen (something about Halting), and then the virtual machine powers down.


Can anyone help?


EDIT-I just tried recreating the VMware machine with the same settings, and it did the same thing-the first time, it got to the welcome to JaS install, then went to "Because of a Problem, the Install cannot be completed".

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Would it be possible to ISO the JaS image to another HD instead, and then boot from that? I don't have a DVD burner.


I was able to install OSX 10.4.8 from a disk image on my G4 by using diskutility to restore the ISO to an HD and booting from that to install. Won't work on a hackintosh though.

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