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Chicken of the VNC (Modified build) 2.0b4


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I want to stress that this post is because Chicken of the VNC official binaries are flawed in my opinion, I am not associated with the project nor is the person who coded this build. This was compiled as a Universal Binary of the software but it hasn't been tested on any PPC Mac's as of yet. I do have a PPC build from when I had a powerbook but this one was compiled on my Macbook Pro c2d. Since there is no official universal binary (although you can just re-compile that last build from them) I thought this might be helpful to share here.


What is this?

This is a modified build of Chicken of the VNC that doesn't set the default value at 5900 for the port while displaying 0. Instead the code was rewritten to allow you to type in any port and it will honor the actual number you give it. So if you want to connect to a server at 17000 then you just type 17000 into the port box now. Also the 0 does still play nicely as port 5900 because that was an easier fix for him than trying to force the program to make new connections display 5900 instead of 0.



Why bother doing this?

The developers of Chicken of the VNC decided to let you add or subtract from 0 to get the port you want. So if you setup a VNC client on port 17000 you would have to subtract 5900 from 17000 and use 11100 in the place of the standard 0. I remotely use computers all the time through VNC and after complaining about this to my good friend Dave Stricker he took an hour or two of his time to fix the problem for me.


Official Project



Download Links

I am hosting the downloads and since you have no reason to trust me I am also including the source code in a separate download.

Chicken of the VNC Modified Application

Chicken of the VNC Modified source code with builds intact

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