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FIX FOR "Still waiting for root device" error


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There seem to be a few people out there with an issue installing where in -v mode all you get is:


Still waiting for root device


(In normal mode you get a circle with a line through it early on and the system hangs)



It seems that this issue is both related to your root hard drive OR the DVD you are installing from. In my case I had a SATA DVD drive that I was installing from on a Dell Optiplex 745. This box has no IDE channels so there was no way to use an IDE DVD ROM drive.


To fix the issue I did 2 things,


1) I set the drives to "legacy" mode in the BIOS

This seems to have allowed Darwin to see the SATA drive i wanted to install too, but did not solve my SATA DVD issue


2) I installed from a USB DVD drive

This solved all my problems and while its slow as all hell... (how slow is hell...) It works.


Hope this helps!

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