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in 10.4.3 why does /etc/fstab mounting no longer work?

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major hiccup on this folks for 10.4.3


my /etc/fstab which used to work under 10.41


cat /etc/fstab


UUID=968E1562AB14E047 /Users hfs 1 2


doesnt do {censored} under 10.4.3


nothing...just doesnt mount my /Users drive..


this really sucks...i depending on this method for safe easy reinstalls


can someone else verify this isnt just me?

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Has it the correct permissions and wheeled? I don't use fstab on OS X, but I mounted a physical drive to my vmware install and it recognised FAT32 and NTFS. Maybe I'm a bit confused, but what are you tying to get accomplished by using fstab?

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