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Unofficial AppleTV Plugins Thread

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Anyone able to get Joost working using this? When I tried Joost did launch but it was behind FR. When I killed FR I could see it back there and then FR took over again.



Try the AppLauncher plug-in..........it should do exactly what you want it to, but I haven't tried using Joost yet.......that'll be my project for the next 5 mins



I tried using iRed Lite, but it didn't work out too well. But I am still struggling with that. Would apprecieate any ideas.

Has anyone figured out how to take control of the IR so we can have a button sequence to exit out of the App that we launched? Or do we just need to build Apple IR support and an exit function into our programs?




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I have been messing around with my ATV full intel mac os x install for a while, recently got eyetv with the miglia tvmicro, haven't put it on my ATV yet but i've been using it on my macbook and one thing i don't get is when everyone says it integrates with front row, what do they mean because when i go into full screen mode it is there with its blue menu, but when i go to front row i don't see anything related to eyetv, o btw im running the ATV front row on my intel mac, I don't know if that changes anything but can someone help me out with that?

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It is really a good thread started by you. We can see in replies. Now we have many plug ins in this thread by replies. These are really useful.




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