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  1. I have a backup of the OSBoot partition but I did not think to backup the other partitions when I was first formatting my ATV hd, can someone please just send me there original recovery partition, my atv keeps blinking at the apple logo because its stuck in safe mode without the boot partition, if you can send me the entire thing that would be great too, anything that is possible please send. And thanks in advance.
  2. 9a499 installation help?

    that forum doesn't really have help to the problem, don't post links promoting a forum if it doesn't even have a solution to a problem, I'm having this problem too, if i do the restore to disk via disk utility method, at install i get to installing essentials and then it says theres some problems with the essentials, if i use carbon copy cloner to copy the leo install to a partition it gets stuck at the gray boot screen, btw i dont have a dvd dl so im trying to install it without a dvd dl, and both ways its not really working but i think its something with permissions
  3. Apple Demos

    Everyone wanted that leopard demo about core animation, and no one could find it so i doubt it.
  4. Leopard Installation Method

    I tried this except I couldn't partition my ipod without disk utility throwing an error at me
  5. Leopard on a ipod!

    I'll work on this in a little bit, i just need to find a way to partition the ipod correctly without it freaking out try this if you can in the mean time because i wont get to try it for a couple days at the most http://www.macgeekery.com/node/6
  6. Universal Remote and build 9A499

    you might be able to setup a script to make it so when you click the button, it uses the keypad to change the volume instead of directly changing the volume, this is easier with remote buddy actually instead of making a script, try that if you can
  7. Mac OS X install on ATV can't use IR port

    The fix for this is installed mac os x 10.4.10 on your ATV
  8. dont you mean this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=57354 but you replyed in that thread so im guessing you know about it
  9. Leopard on a ipod!

    When i did this, a really stripped down version of the restore menu came up, its called the ipod recovery mode, it stays there no matter what in some flash or something i think, but i partitioned it and i couldnt get it to partition because it kept giving some {censored} errors in disk utility, you might be able to do this with a terminal command or something but if someone figures it out, post it here because i want to know
  10. Leopard on a ipod!

    i actually tried this today and i couldn't really get it to work, but i didnt really try so give it a shot
  11. Hacking Leopard GUI

    O no i meant i love your ingeniutiy, sorry if you thought something otherwise but i love clever stuff like that Yea but then they should change the engine of cover flow for 3dish icons, i don't know exactly if its just a skew or actual 3d tilting but for the icons they should use real 3d, i think for the pictures they use skewing to acheive the effect
  12. Front Row plugins

    Thanks for the help, ill check it out but i have to work on a dualboot on my atv, currently thats the only mac thing that i own or else i would so load it up on my macbook, my sister has let me use her macbook for installing all the {censored} on my atv though, a little off topic too but do you know where the ir receiver drivers are in mac os x, i can't seem to find them because i think i need to add the driver thats in the atv orignal os into my mac os x install since it is not finding the ir receiver and stupid system profiler keeps crashing on it, sorry for the offtopicness
  13. In the tiger install disc, if you go to system/library/packages and click osboot.mpkg it starts the installer that you would find if you restarted your computer and booted into the dvd, but i did that with the leopard disc and its not working, i have the 9A499 version of leopard, i can't burn it because i don't have any dvd dl and i don't want to do the way where you copy it to a partition and boot into the partition, has anyone found a way to start the installer from the dmg
  14. Hacking Leopard GUI

    hahah loveee that, just droppin my two cents, i think the new dock looks much better then the tiger one, but i only got tiger recently so i guess i haven't gotten as used to it as some of you guys, the only thing i would want to see is the icons looking more 3d because the look that apple was going for was that the dock looks like a 3d table going backwards into the screen, but the icons look somehow like flat peices of paper just standing up on this 3d table, by the way to everyone, very nice dock editing, some of them look very amazing
  15. I'm not really sure if it got disabled, but it can't really sense it, I also tried looking at it through system profiler but it keeps crashing when i open it, but i know this because i installed remote buddy and it wasn't sensing the infrared sensor so i guess it doesn't support it? or it got disabled, my mac os x install is 10.4.9, i did all the {censored} and everything is running fine, but damnit i need to get my remote working, and stupid ir port, grrr anyone know a fix?