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  1. I used APEX MD-100. It is beautiful case and I love it. I had 2 problems with it: 1. This is even before I added the additional cards etc, the MB just wouldnt start, the PS is rated at 60W but it does'nt supply enough amps at startup to boot this MOBO. I had to spend another 50 and get a PICO PSU. The external brick is fine, I am using it with the Pico, its the interanal DC-DC paft that didnt work. Actually that works fine too with another via mobo I have, it just doesnt fire up this mobo. 2. it is impossible to put additional cards on this mobo without a riser and it doesnt come with it, even if you want to get one card you have to get a riser that will tilt it 90 degrees or dremeled, I orginally dremeled since the gigbit ether net was not part of the original plan. But hings are still tight, I had to shorten the legs on the metal backpanel of both the cards to get them to fit.
  2. I have an iSight and use it with a NEC based firewire card. I replaced a mac mini with this. You can either pick up an iSight from ebay or google on how you hook up a usb cam on a mac. This has nothing to do whether you are running a hackintosh or not just a general mac/Leopard/CAM question. so there is plenty of info on it.
  3. I used this firewire card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16815265003 worked out of the box no additional drivers were required. It is NEC based which seems to be the way to go. But why would you want to put in a USB card there 4 in the back two on the mobo header and if you need more why not just add a usb hub?
  4. And the answer is YES. I took a chance and experimented and got lucky. There are many types of riser cards some are manufacturer i.e. via specific. I used this one and worked for me: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/pci201_32 If anyone else tries it, there is a row of jumpers which set the interrupt for the second card. The included instructions refer to a dos program that it didnt ship with, and in any case I dont have bootable dos anything to deal with that. So I did what any hacker geek would do keep trying the jumpers until I found a position that worked. It will vary depending on your card and there is a possiblity that you will fry your cards doing this. But it worked for me. I now have a Rosewell NEC Based firewire card in slot that has iSight attached to it, and I have a 1G Dlink Ethernet card, both are working perfectly. Now to move some stuff off of the old drive on to the 1 TB samsung and I will have a home built "Time Capsule for backing up all the macs.
  5. I am glad I didn't believe you, I have a 2 slot riser card working with DLink 1G Ethernet in one slot and a Roswell NEC based firewire card in the second slot. Both working perfectly... I used this riser card if anyone is interested. The key thing is that the riser card has a jumper and comes with some instructions to use a software which is not included, anyway I kept changing the jumper positions until the system booted and both cards worked. for most positions the system didn't post, in one position the system booted but the second card wasnt working. The jumper sets the irq for the second card. http://www.logicsupply.com/products/pci201_32
  6. They don't have much processing power so you have to wonder, cause you can get cheaper mobo+CPU combos the thing about this is the size and lack of noise/heat so makes a nice desktop system but I dont know if I would make a system that goes in the closet with this one.
  7. n7myr you will need the 10.5.3 Kalyway Patch disc, should be able to find it in the same place where you found the 10.5.2 disk. Just follow the instructions in the first post, they are simple only choose the listed options, read the rest of the thread only if you have problems. There is another couple of files linked in the first post that you will need for the video fix, but you can download it from the new system after it is built. The problem with doing this is that there is so much info its hard to know what is relevant and what is not.
  8. it possible to add 2 PCI cards to this board using a riser card? I have put in a NEC FireWire card but want to also put in a Gigabit Ethernet card so that it can be my network Time Machine backup box. Anyone using this with multiple PCI cards?
  9. Is it possible to add 2 PCI cards to this board using a riser card? I have put in a NEC FireWire card but want to also put in a Gigabit Ethernet card so that it can be my network Time Machine backup box. Anyone using this with multiple PCI cards?
  10. If you follow the instructions step by step in this tutorial, the sound works out of the box, during installation don't do any customizations except the the Time Machine thing. Just follow the freakin directions they are simple enough. Unless you have bum board or somethng it should all work.
  11. You know what they say about God 7 days and installed base. Thanks for updating the tutorial for the Time Machine fix. But I don't really want to reinstall Leopard, its taken almost 2 days and everything is working perfectly. Is there a way to install the Time Machine Patch after the fact?
  12. What version of Leopard are you running? I used to have that problem until 10.5.3 on almost every Leopard install include my to mac book pros. I have seen this happen if the Safari is open and you lose connection to the network and you are on wireless connection.
  13. At work now so can't check, I downloaded it yesterday so whatever is on the Parallels website, the latest. It must be a memory thing. My Leo Install was done following the steps in this tutorial the only additional device I have is a firewire card, but that should have no effect.
  14. Link to MrFlooD's thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=113623
  15. I have Parallels working great, I did a fresh install of Parallels 3.0 and imported a new virtual machine from an older physical machine, everything is working well. I haven't used an existing VM, but for this computer I don't need to. I am quite surprised at the performance of the VM its quite peppy, actually feels faster than the P4 1.8 it was pulled from. I have 2 GB RAM though, I wonder if that makes a diff.