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OSx86 Project Internet Radio!

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Alright guys, so among other things, we have been fiddling with Internet Radio for a few things possible in the near future. Let me make a note however, that the current radio feed is completely unofficial, although it resides on the OSx86 Project servers. With that in mind, let's continue.


Currently hosting audio from a few members of the community, this station has been setup to test the functionality of internet radio on our systems. Feel free to listen in and enjoy the various broadcasts we currently have running. One nice thing is that the station never goes down, when no audio is being broadcast by one of our DJs, it simply relays another internet radio station.


Our current broadcast is that of "Random Radio", a production created by myself, which offers an extremely eclectic mix of music. Connect and find the website at:




Your bound to find something you like. Enjoy.


If you experience any problems, please list them here, along with your comments and views on the station. In the future this may branch out and broadcast official OSx86 Project related radio, so display your views of those as well. In the mean time, enjoy it!

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Heh, now THATS a easy way to get 10+ listeners, or maybe not. >_

Anyways, I've got a {censored}load of new music (80 or 70 new mp3s) that I'd put on the radio. I'll wait till you get on the IRC. :D

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