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OSX86 Install DVD


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Well first you should understand the things that mac os x on a mac work,and what it takes to make os x on a pc work.

Once you have that figured out you can have a good idea of why you are patching and bypassing some parts of the system.


The easiest way to start out would be to take a working install dvd version of os x86 , and edit that to what you need.

Starting this way gets past building a new image from the unpatched restore dvd.and everything that goes into that.


You should have a working os x install to work with the iso image.


So what things do you need to change,add to get it working for your setup ?

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I was just starting to ask the same.


I was wondering how to ad a device id and a the aplleviaata kext to the install dvd so I can install directly to my sil 3114 sata drive.


To do this all you have to do is take your osx86 iso and mount it read write,so with this command in the terminal


sudo -s

(your password)


hdiutil attach -readwrite /path/tothe/osx86.iso (hit enter)


This will mount the iso so you can edit,delete and copy to the iso(these changes are instant so always work on a copy of the iso if you have the extra space)


Now,in your desktop make a folder and call it something i.e work , mkext ... anything really,inside this new folder make another directory called Extensions.


Click on the mounted osx86 iso and go to /system/library/ and take the extensions.mkext and drop it in the new folder you just created in the desktop.


And in the terminal type without the ( )


mkextunpack -v -a i386 -d (and drop the Extensions folder you created a few minutes ago here) (now drop the Extensions.mkext from the dvd here and hit enter)


Now this will unpack everything in the Extensions.mkext in to the new Extensions folder.

All kexts ( drivers) in the Extensions.mkext are stored flat,meaning that if you have a kext with plugins inside of it on your system,when its packed into the mkext that the plugins will no longer be in the original kext anymore but along side it like any other kext ( driver)


So what does stored flat really mean to you when your working on the .mkext ?

It means you have to first and always delete the kext and any plugins from the Extensions folder before you add the one you want to use.


once your done working on the unpacked mkext , reset the permissions on them before you repack them.

So in the terminal do


chmod -R 755 (drop the extensions folder you have been working on here)

chown -R root:wheel (drop the extensions folder you have been working on here)


Now just repack the mkext


Kextcache -a i386 -m /users/yourusername/Desktop/Extensions.mkext (drop your extensions folder you were working on here and hit enter)


That will repack the Extensions.mkext and drop the repacked version in your desktop for you.

Once you have that just open the osx86 iso you have mounted in your desktop to /system/library/ and drop the new repacked .mkext into the library directory and copy over the old one.


That's it you have just repacked the mkext for booting the dvd. Congrats :unsure:

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