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  1. MtheG

    ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    I tried every way I can to get my sound working (alc880 ich6-m) and I do get volume control but no sound. This goes for the Apple HDA driver as for the Azalia driver. What I noticed is that in the audio MIDI setup the Master volume is greyed out. I can slide the channels but no master volume. Seems logical to me the if master is not working the rest isn't to. This is true for both drivers. Maybe this is usefull info ( hope so!! )
  2. MtheG

    Screwed up Audio ALC861

    how did yoy found this out?
  3. Can someone help me out here? I posted a question regarding our sil 3114 (no replies at all) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=38915 thnx in advance
  4. I am trying to get my install on a sata hdd connected to an pci ad-in card (sil 3114) I know that it cant be done direct from the install dvd 10.4.8. I first installed 10.4.4 on a slowww pata drive wich went fine and upgraded to 10.4.8 jas reseed sse3. System is stable but because of pata drive quit slow. To get my sata drive working I modified the appleviaata.kext with my device id and the drive is working great. More then 2 times faster!! Next thing was to partition the drive to hfs+ with mbr and clone the pata install to the sata. This went fine to and I made the partition active. Untill now all went good but when I try to boot from the drive it start loading but gets stuck on "still waiting for root device" I tried with boot flags like -f and -s but no luck. I also used rd=disk0s1 method but it gives the same result (after disconecting the pata). Then I booted from the pata again to see what fase the viaata is loaded and it seems that it loads the appleviaata driver after it has looked for the sata drive??? I just dont understand that the system start to boot from the sata drive and loads the drivers (wich goes to fast to read) and then that nasty still waiting... I really need some good advise or cant it be done?
  5. MtheG

    OSX86 Install DVD

    Well I added the modified kext to the mkext file and burned the new iso. Booted from the DVd but stil no HDD ..... Any ideas?
  6. MtheG

    OSX86 Install DVD

    THNX very much!! I will go for it today and post the result.
  7. MtheG

    OSX86 Install DVD

    I was just starting to ask the same. I was wondering how to ad a device id and a the aplleviaata kext to the install dvd so I can install directly to my sil 3114 sata drive.
  8. Hi I had te same problem. Did you upgrade by clicking the combo update and the semthes kernel or just the combo? If you did both triy to reinstall 10.4.3 again and upgrde by taking only the combo. You will see that the new kernel is allready build in the combo update
  9. Hello all I know a lot of users have the still waiting for after they did a clean install. I did all possible with switching masters and slaves but without succes. Out of frustration I installed 10.4.3 wesley again wich went fine and no problem what so ever. I booted again from the 10.4.8 DVD and installed only the combo upgrade without any kernel patch. After this all went fine no waiting for root anymore and to my surprise with the new kernel 8.8.1. I installed Natit drivers for dual display Nvidia 2xdvi to vga (wich proofs it is the new kernel) and I have a perfect working system with dual monitor setup. I am HAPPY. USB works great to the only thing giving trouble is about this mac and I am going to try to install the repair patch for it 10.4.4. I hope this can help anyone with the same problem. intel PIV 3.0 sse3 prescot gigabyte GA-8IK1100 Nvidia 6600gt agp 1 g ram Jas if you are reading this. The reason I tried it threw an upgrade was that I noticed that with madrive that a lot of files where missing from the clean install (or I could not see them). Also I think that a lot of people like myself installed the combo update and the semthex kernel patch thinking it it to get and the update and the new kernel (maybe stupid but users always are :-) ) Thanks for all your work.
  10. MtheG

    Boot problem Jas re-seed

    Hi, I have the same problem as Steve has (he gave me the tip to look at this thread). I did what you said but there is no Extensions.mkext Macdrive works fine. I tried using a terminal but I get a permision denied. I wonder how many people have the same problem.
  11. True but its a 3.0 Ghz prescott intel. no nx or hpet thow. But that should not be a problem with the semthex kernel.
  12. I need some help plz. I can`t get the new 10.4.8 (reseed) to work. I hope that somebody can give me a clue. I use the reseeded dvd. The ide drive is primary master en the dvd driver secundary master (tried other combinations to). The install goes well with sse3 checked. I have an nvidia card so I did not use any of the other options. When the pc boots with -v it loads the kexts gives some errors on the usb devices but continues to load. It stops right after netowk detections with the hated waiting for root device. The partion is active so it should work. CPU supports sse3 , i checked with cpuid. I had no problems with any of the other older version. Safe mode gives me the same results. I went trhew all the posts concerning this issue but most of them talk about problems getting the install to work. Ideeas anyone?
  13. MtheG

    Mac OS X 10.4.6 start niet op

    Hoi. Ik zelf draai direkt native met een dual boot (vind ik prettiger) dus ik weet niet of het via VM het zelfde werkt. Kan je me vertellen welke versie je probeert en wat voor een PC je gebruikt? Heb je naar de HCL lists gekeken? MtheG
  14. Hi I just want to say just ignore it! I am one of those persons who does not know how to program but I follow this project with great interest (maybe I will learn something). I just keep my mouth (keyboard) shut and watch.. I would be very sad if the topic is moved to a place out of reache. Matt