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  1. Mr Malicious

    Mac OS X 10.4.9 - 8P122 (PPC) & 8P2112 (Intel) Seeded.

    I have been running 2120 on my Mac Pro now for a while and it seens fine, nice to know there is a new build to test out :pirate2:
  2. Mr Malicious

    Cheaper / more reliable OSX? Opinions

    I think it' might be easier to make a list of all the devices on the Mac Pro logic board , then find an intel board that matches up.
  3. I have this issue also with my Mac Pro. I will try and put some time into finding a solution. Edit : So I found a way to fix the sound so it comes out of the RealTek HD Audio output ( analog audio out jack ) . What I did was I looked at the back of the Mac Pro where the Digital Audio out is. The Digital Audio was lit up red so I covered the Digital out with my finger and right then ..... the surround sound system picked up iTunes and I have sound in xp working properly. Tested with reboots and sound still is working properly. This does not disable the internal speaker. This worked for me, good luck.
  4. Mr Malicious

    Parallels Build 3120 RC1 Released

    Looks like things are finally coming together with Parallels ,only thing I see is that I can't use it to boot my xp install from a second hard drive.
  5. My guess is your system is using the Generic ATA driver. What ATA Controller / Chipset is your motherboard using ( Southbridge/Northbridge) ?
  6. Mr Malicious

    Jas 10.4.8 HDD Boot Issues

    Try and leave the dvd in the drive and let the timer count down. If it boots you to the welcome screen then it should be easy to fix.
  7. Mr Malicious

    Can not boot from HDD without DVD-ROM setup.

    Boot to the desktop with the dvd in the drive nad open a terminal Next type in sudo -s(hit enter) Then when prompted for your password enter it. Now still in the terminal type (Grab your mounted os x install DVD's icon in the desktop and drop it here)usr/sbin/Bless -mount / -setBoot So if your os x install dvd is called JaS.10.4.6 it should look like ths. /Volumes/JaS.10.4.6/usr/sbin/Bless -mount / -setBoot Once your done with this command it should just return to the root prompt with no message ,this means it worked. Eject the dvd and boot the system normally.This shuld have fixed your boot issues if you followed them correctly and your drive not being blessed / active was the only issue.
  8. Forget it,from windows go to your os x install partition/drive and then to /system/Library/ and delete the Extensions.mkext and extensions.kextcache Then go into /system/library/extensions/ and delete IOPCCardFamily.kext then boot Os X with the -v flag and see if it boots.
  9. Boot with the boot switches -v -s -f At the root prompt type in mount -uw / (Hit enter) Next type rm -rf /system/library/extensions/IOPCICardFamily.kext (Hit enter) Now type exit and hit enter,then exit again and hit enter ... to boot the system in multi user mode.
  10. Mr Malicious

    macfuse, finaly somebody done it!

    Just thought I would post my results here. I followed the information provided by mickles but used it for both my ntfs partitions, set it up like this. echo "Checking disks" /sbin/autodiskmount -va PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin export PATH umount /Volumes/Untitled umount /Volumes/Untitled\ 1/ rm -r /Volumes/Untitled rm -r /Volume/Untitled\ 1/ mkdir /Volumes/Windows\ System\ Disk/ mkdir /Volumes/Windows\ Storage/ ntfs-3g /dev/disk0s5 /Volumes/"Windows Storage" -o ping_diskarb,volname="Windows Storage" ntfs-3g /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/"Windows System Disk" -o ping_diskarb,volname="Windows System Disk" Now this works fine except that you would have to relaunch finder to remove the original "ghost" partitions from the desktop .Once you do that then everything is sweet.
  11. Mr Malicious

    Tiger 10.4.9 Leaked(Latest Builds)

    Just dropped you a pm,I would like to try the latest 4.9 pkg on my Mac Pro. Thanks in advance
  12. Mr Malicious

    Jas 10.4.8 AMD Intel ss2, ss3, etc.. doesnt boot

    The best thing to do is boot to the installer and select the whole drive,and partition it to HFS+ this will partition the drive as mbr and will fix the boot issues your having when selecting erase with disk utility.
  13. Mr Malicious

    help-farfed up 10.4.8 whn tried to update kernel

    download a kernel from the #kernel channel on irc.macspeak.net,drop that kernel in your os x partition using macdrive then reboot back into os x.
  14. Mr Malicious

    OSX86 Install DVD

    To do this all you have to do is take your osx86 iso and mount it read write,so with this command in the terminal sudo -s (your password) hdiutil attach -readwrite /path/tothe/osx86.iso (hit enter) This will mount the iso so you can edit,delete and copy to the iso(these changes are instant so always work on a copy of the iso if you have the extra space) Now,in your desktop make a folder and call it something i.e work , mkext ... anything really,inside this new folder make another directory called Extensions. Click on the mounted osx86 iso and go to /system/library/ and take the extensions.mkext and drop it in the new folder you just created in the desktop. And in the terminal type without the ( ) mkextunpack -v -a i386 -d (and drop the Extensions folder you created a few minutes ago here) (now drop the Extensions.mkext from the dvd here and hit enter) Now this will unpack everything in the Extensions.mkext in to the new Extensions folder. All kexts ( drivers) in the Extensions.mkext are stored flat,meaning that if you have a kext with plugins inside of it on your system,when its packed into the mkext that the plugins will no longer be in the original kext anymore but along side it like any other kext ( driver) So what does stored flat really mean to you when your working on the .mkext ? It means you have to first and always delete the kext and any plugins from the Extensions folder before you add the one you want to use. once your done working on the unpacked mkext , reset the permissions on them before you repack them. So in the terminal do chmod -R 755 (drop the extensions folder you have been working on here) chown -R root:wheel (drop the extensions folder you have been working on here) Now just repack the mkext Kextcache -a i386 -m /users/yourusername/Desktop/Extensions.mkext (drop your extensions folder you were working on here and hit enter) That will repack the Extensions.mkext and drop the repacked version in your desktop for you. Once you have that just open the osx86 iso you have mounted in your desktop to /system/library/ and drop the new repacked .mkext into the library directory and copy over the old one. That's it you have just repacked the mkext for booting the dvd. Congrats
  15. Mr Malicious

    OSX86 Install DVD

    Well first you should understand the things that mac os x on a mac work,and what it takes to make os x on a pc work. Once you have that figured out you can have a good idea of why you are patching and bypassing some parts of the system. The easiest way to start out would be to take a working install dvd version of os x86 , and edit that to what you need. Starting this way gets past building a new image from the unpatched restore dvd.and everything that goes into that. You should have a working os x install to work with the iso image. So what things do you need to change,add to get it working for your setup ?