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Installed on D915GAV


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Whew ... I have been waiting for this for a few weeks... and today I finally got my system running on Mac OSX.

I've only got three problems.


1: My main HDD (with XP SP2) is on a SATA (Read as disk 1), my OSX is on Disk 0 (IDE, Sec. Slave) so I have to change my boot drive in bios when I want to change OS's.

2a: in OSX my sound doesn't work. (onboard chip). (see 4th post)

2b: in OSX my D-Link DWLG510 wireless dosen't work

2c: in OSX my Logitech KB and Mouse won't work (BUT did on my iBook G3)

2d: in OSX my ATI Radeon X300SE/T video card isn't showing up in ATI Tools.

3: I have to boot it as Safemode because regular mode wont work (see 4th post)



Other then that, it is good. I've yet to install anything else, but I will eventually.


One thing I noted, I had to partition a RAW harddrive (my 120GB Samsung) but it all works well.

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Well thanks for the helpful insite ... perhaps you can give me some suggestions on what I can do to get the system to boot in normal mode?

(Oh, I'm on OSX86 now) ... When I attempt to load in normal mode I get a message to the extent of "You must now restart your computer. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds or press reset". And it shows up in about 4 languages.

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Since I have 1GB Dual Channel Ram, I decided to take out my ATI Video card and see what would happen if I ran Mac OSX on my Intel video drivers ... well it works WONDERFULLY. No problems, can see up to 1024x768x75Hz


You should be able to hit 1280x1024 @ 75Hz for CRT and 60Hz for LCD (if the LCD supports 1280) ... I haven't tried connecting my 22inch CRT monitor yet to see what that max possible viewing rate is...


I'll test and post the results soon.


Cheers- T.


*** UPDATE ***

I've managed to hit 2048x1536 @ 80Hz on the CRT Display - I also increased the ram buffer to 32MB ... Simply Put *STUNNING*


I think I'll stick with 1600x1200 @ 85Hz



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