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Newb Questions - Hardware Run Down and Geforece

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Hi there, I am a newb at installing OSx86 on a PC, but rest assured I am proficient in Linux, I just have no Mac OSx experiance. That being said, I have read the essentials for install, but still have some questions:


1. Here is my hardware, it looks from reading, as though my rig is compatible with OSx86, but I want to make sure:


- Dell Optiplex 150 - Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz

- 256 MB ram (I will add more ram if needed)

- 80 GB HDD

- Intel chipset for video (possible 810 series, but cannot remember for sure)

- USB Sound card for sound (As recommended. but is there one that yiy recommend?)

- I installed a good old trusty 3C509 PCI card (Seems to be reconized by anything, hell it works with zenworks imaging ha ha ha)

- Standard CD-ROM / Writer (IS burning supported?)

- Standard issue dell PS2 keyboard and mouse


I think I am compatible with SS2, just want to make sure this looks okay, should I add anything to make my life easier


2. I have a Geforce 2 MMX, and a Geforce 4 MMX, will either og these work with the Nvidia drivers in the sticky section, will I be able to make these cards work with 3d support? I think they will, am I right?


Thanks in advance!! realy excited about trying JAS 1.4.8 DVD.


My wife will love her new P-MAC if this works ;)

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Please use the report button instead of harassing other forum members.

No i want do that. Because then they dont learn and could post again here. And other can learn from it too (hopefully).

Also there is nothing harassing about it.


And talking about harassing, take a look again at your signature. Before pointing at other people.


Have a nice day.


ps unless a moderator ask me to use the report button instead of this method ofcourse

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