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Why Darwine does not work suddenly?

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Here's my case, i installed Transmission on my comp, uninstall, installed Tomato torrent a few times, well, long story,


i didnt bother rebooting into OS X anymore...i've been using windows then.

For 3 days, now i tried to enter OS X from the boot screen...


well, here's the process, first, you'll be asked which OS you want to boot, i choose OS X

then they'll ask which partition the OS X is installed, usually i can choose one, before the 8 seconds

time is up.


However, this time, when i press a key, nothing appears...it's like it's stuck there.


What should i do? reinstall the whole thing?!

Is there a way to just fix darwine?


Thank you

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hmm, did you make any changes, ex sata or such...sata acts real wierd if I also use ide on my system!


nope, the only changes i did was, installing Transmission, uninstalling Tomato torrent, then decided to switch back,

so i uninstall Transmission. Installed Azureus as mentioned in this theard,

http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=2251 (used zzhu's build)

uninstalled it and finallly reinstalled Tomato Torrent. Haha, did a lot of work there.

But does it affects darwine? That's curious though.


That was all.

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