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  1. Does anyone feels like microsoft word is a little bit laggy? I've read in other forums that it's slow because of the office program not my computer. Anyway to make this faster? I do not wish to use other programs. My comp is a P4 2.6 Ghz 2 gb ram. Should be enough right? Mac OS 10.4.5 i should add.
  2. DO NOT UPDATE with software update

    oh really? did you choose which program to update? what happened was my software update pop up and i just click UPDATE ALL...including my mac 10.4.5. I guess that's what screw the whole thing up
  3. I know most of the people here know this already but i REALLY REALLY must speak it out because i DIDNT KNOW!)@#$U@#*&)!#)&$)*@#$)8 so...in conclusion...DO NOT UPDATE YOUR MAC WITH SOFTWARE UPDATE
  4. MacDrive

    oh yeah..that's right..haha... hey, thanks for everything.
  5. MacDrive

    AH! i see...so clearly now. anyway, doesnt it defeats the purpose of having alcohol without the virtual drive?
  6. MacDrive

    Thank you...for all the replies It now works like a charm...with the SPTD remover. So. just want to make it clear, with MacDrive installed...i cant use Alcohol 120% right? It's either one of them. Alright...and if i want Alcohol, just uninstall MacDrive and reinstall alcohol.. Thank you!
  7. MacDrive

    ok ok. I've uninstalled Alcohol 120%. Still does not make any difference. I'm gonna try reinstalling macdrive 6.1.4. Maybe it's something else....
  8. MacDrive

    REALLY!?!? Never knew that...i've Alcohol 120% installed I'll try uninstalling it to try i'll update you when i've results! Thanks
  9. MacDrive

    I need to know, it seems everybody is succesful at using macdrive 6.1.4. For me, I cant seem to see my OS X86 partition even if i click "view mac disk in my computer" I'm not too sure about the HFS+ thing i've been reading about....just so anybody would know, through partitionmagic, my OS X86 partition is labelled as TypeAF. So, can anybody help me? Just want share my files between windows and mac without creating a new FAT32 partition. Thank you
  10. Help with Darwin bootloader

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Actually, what does Quiet Boot does? From the wiki page, it says "not to see the darwin text during boot". What darwin text is it talking about. Anyway, I've tested your method, Quiet Boot makes no difference for me. The funny thing now, darwin bootloader selects windows os as the default partition to load!! weird huh! Luckily i didn't change the timeout to 0 seconds, or else i wouldnt be able to log into my mac osx. Haha, any idea? Just need to know how to change the setting of darwin bootloader.
  11. I've tried searching the whole forum but i couldnt find a problem similar to mine. Here's my situation: - I installed osx86 (10.4.5) on my partitioned harddisk - everything is working in order - darwin bootloader first appears - windows bootloader appears 2nd (if i choose to go to windows from darwin bootloader) - took away "C:\chain0="Mac OSX" because couldnt be bothered to select two times to go into windows My problem: - I want darwin bootloader to select windows os as a default - There are forums that teaches how to select different partition as default. But only if that partition is also MAC osx. Because when i try it, it does not choose windows os as a default, and i get a kernel panic trying to boot osx86. - Next time I retry, darwin bootloader is gone. Straight into windows. - I placed C:\chain0 thing back again. - Now, when i boot, windows bootloader comes first. darwin 2nd. - fixed my osx86 boot back to the original Please read here if you cant be bothered reading the top part: I want: - to know how to change darwin settings to select windows os as default, if that's possible - to know how to disable darwin bootloader Just those 2...thank you!!
  12. nope, the only changes i did was, installing Transmission, uninstalling Tomato torrent, then decided to switch back, so i uninstall Transmission. Installed Azureus as mentioned in this theard, http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=2251 (used zzhu's build) uninstalled it and finallly reinstalled Tomato Torrent. Haha, did a lot of work there. But does it affects darwine? That's curious though. That was all.
  13. Here's my case, i installed Transmission on my comp, uninstall, installed Tomato torrent a few times, well, long story, i didnt bother rebooting into OS X anymore...i've been using windows then. For 3 days, now i tried to enter OS X from the boot screen... well, here's the process, first, you'll be asked which OS you want to boot, i choose OS X then they'll ask which partition the OS X is installed, usually i can choose one, before the 8 seconds time is up. However, this time, when i press a key, nothing appears...it's like it's stuck there. What should i do? reinstall the whole thing?! Is there a way to just fix darwine? Thank you
  14. 3 more x86 apps

    hey Cyman! You still there? May i know how you port macam? Did it work for you? I just dont know where to transfer the files to....thank you.
  15. so, it would seem that it is a mac os problem. Not a os x86 problem.