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After much deliberating and research I decided to run osx86 on my mobo (via deadmoo img), thus completely overwriting windows xp mc edition, only by accident. In the beginning I didnt mind not having windows simply because of how smoothly the program ran on my system. About two weeks into my exploration and tweaking of osx, I still could not get my sound nor was I able to run any apps, once downloaded and I didnt even have a system restore cd or any media center software for that fact to uninstall osx and reinstall it. However I do know that I had a backup partition on one of my internal Hard Drives but I have not found a way to retrieve that. Once I gave up on retrieving the media center software, I went out and bought Windows XP Pro SP2, only because I couldnt find the original media center os anywhere. Once windows (pro) was back up and running, I noticed I did not get any sound nor did I find my ATI x800 pro as an adapter under my display properties, instead I just see "vgasave" and it says the device is working properly, but I went to ATI and tried to download the driver for my version graphics card, my computer began flikering like crazy and I wound up having to do a system restore to correct this because uninstalling driver did not work. Also I noticed I still had no sound. Could this be due to the difference in operating systems, i.e. going from Media Center to Pro? One more thing I noticed is that when I download the driver I noticed my mouse scrolled down screens smothly without jumping, now its back to that again, any info on how to correct this would be completely appreciated.



Also now when I plug my external HD into my PC, running xp pro, it asks me if I want to format the drive, whick I dont because I have vital info on it, is there any way to save my stuff without deleting. by the way this wasnt done on the system in my sig, it was done on my home pc. The specs being


Intel P4 660 Prescott 3.6

800Mhz FSB

Intel {D915GSE2} I915p/I915G


Windows Prof. Media Center Edition


ATI Radeon X800pro 256mb

2 *250GB Hard Drives (internal)

1 *80GB SeaGate (external)

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Wow, all that waiting and this is the advice I get. Well wise-guy if you read my entire comment you would notice that Im trying to do all this to reinstall osx via the dvd method, now can anyone help me, please?

First off, don't bump a topic within 24 hours of posting. Second, mind your manners "wise-guy". Third, if you are unable to get XP Pro working properly on your box, you shouldn't even think about trying to install a beta OS.


Also I have read your entire collection of run-on sentences assembled as a paragraph (your 'entire comment'). However it mostly references your issues installing windows, so where exactly do you mention installing via OSX86 via DVD? Deadmoo is a VMWare disk image. Please do some research.


My 2 cents.

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I'm not certain how something like that could happen. I mean, the OSX side won't even recognize your ATI card (I know - I have one as well), it will not install drivers for it, so other than appearing as a dumb frame buffer card at 60Mhz, there's little interaction at that level. The difference in scrolling - at least for me, had more to do with different settings in OSX vs XP. But to tell you the truth, I've not been in XP-land in a really long time and I'm not certain if that would be the case now.


Let's see - about sound - were you getting any sound before (under OSX)?

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