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Any good FM transmitter for iPod (nano preferably)

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if you're gonna bother getting one, make sure it's for a specific radio/car.

Every radio is slightly different, it seems, in how it picks up a signal (in reference to the strenght of the signal, I mean.) For some cars, these work better than in others, and another factor is where the antena is located.

In short, these things aren't exactly reliable, it depends on how/where/on what you wish to use it.

My iTrip is pretty good. It works better in my car than my dad's SUV (and it's a Mercedes...).

Also, if you live downtown somewhere, don't bother with one. Radio buildings will interfere too much. Buy one, test it, return if you don't like it. There's no answer, per se, to the question.



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Well I tried 3:

the cheap one with 6 frecuencies to chose any of them with interference.

the iTrip for nano which I returned because it didn't fit with the Apple Tubes, a lot of frecuencies to choose from and I thing better reception.

and the Airplay2 that has a slik buttons and faster settings but not very good signal.



Maybe I try another iTrip.

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well have have the iTrip for the fullsize iPod and it's pretty good, as I said. It works on a nano no prob, but it's a bit big for it.

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