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After running with ASRock Z790 Livemixer, I'm a little bit fed up with the issues it produced. Most are solved, but this one here is unsolvable. I'm looking now to change my motherboard (which works perfectly fine in Windows). The catch is that I have to find a motherboard that:


a) is compatible with my memory sticks

b) fits two PowerColor 6600 XT Red Devil (multi-monitor setup 5+)

c) has M.2 Key E slot for my WiFi/BT Broadcom card.


I'm willing to compromise the c if there is an option to have the handoff and continuity features working (I don't care about Sidecar since I don't use iGPU on my MacPro7,1 SMBIOS), but AirDrop, camera share between Hackintosh and iPhone, moving the mouse between devices, universal copy/paste between devices, are a must-have feature for me.


I had a good experience with Gigabyte from my previous Hackintosh, and per @MaLd0n's suggestion, ASUS is also a brand worth considering for building Hackintosh. This is my last Hackintosh since I have lost faith in Hackintosh's future. My next upgrade will be for a genuine Mac Studio, therefore, I'm looking to get a Motherboard that will keep the current Hackintosh going as long as possible (maybe upgrading to 14th Gen i9 CPU if I find it for a good deal used). As I understand, for a Hackintosh, there's no particular difference between Z790, B760 and Z690, so the choice of the chipset should be irrelevant in terms of compatibility, only in terms of futureproofing (e.g. CPU upgrade). I might also add that I regret going with DDR5, I should've picked DDR4 a year ago when I started building this Hackintosh, your life gets much easier in terms of compatibility, and I have never got proper DDR5 speeds with my motherboard when all four slots are occupied (max I get is 4000MT/s).


My picks so far (the list is ordered by pricing ASC and not by priority):


  1. Gigabyte B760 DS3H (rev. 1.0) | €140
  2. Asus Prime B760-Plus | €170
  3. Gigabyte Z790 UD (rev. 1.0) | €220
  4. Gigabyte Z790 Eagle AX (rev. 1.0) Wi-Fi | €240
  5. Asus Prime Z790-P | €245
  6. Asus ProArt B760-CREATOR | €240
  7. Asus PRIME Z790-P-CSM | €290


I think Gigabyte motherboards (1, 3 and 4) do not support M.2 Key E slot for my WiFi/BT card, while all the ASUS boards in the list support it. Boards 1, 2, and 6 do not support i9, they do support my 13700K, but it would be nice (not necessary though) to have some future proof for a possible upgrade to prolong the life of this Hack in the future. Basically, this leaves me with options 5 and 7. CSM in board 7 stands for Compatibility Support Module, which allows you to install legacy OS by emulating a legacy BIOS environment, and I don't need to pay an extra €70 for a feature that I don't need, therefore, I believe that the option 5 is the one I should go with.


What do you think about option 5? It meets all my criteria, did I miss something? I know that Gigabyte most likely provides the best compatibility for a Hackintosh, do you guys think that the compatibility between a Gigabyte and an ASUS board is negligible or is something I should (or must) pay attention to?


Thank a lot in advance!


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5 IS the way to go...with updated BIOS, they support 14th and is good MB for the money...and is Asus... 😁

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