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  1. @AudioGod hahahaha I only use it for trading now It had its good days, not it's time to rest Well, it was new, but I guess it had issues, I will buy a meter. I always say that I will, but I always pass by the store without me buying it lol I also had a power regulator plug, and when I removed it with the new UPS things got much better, so I guess that might also play a small role to the whole issue. At least now I'm able to gank people in WoW without the fear of my screen turn off
  2. @larabee I did not change my PSU, I changed my UPS because it produced some strange noises that weren't normal, I'm not yet sure if that was the cause of the issue, but so far I didn't have any crashes or freezes or kernel panics. I'm glad you like my working station!
  3. @larabee Hey! Thanks for the suggestion, I put my setup in my sig I did some changes to my powering, so far I had zero crashes and zero issues, I played a lot and rendered a lot, worked fine, so I guess it was an issue with powering. @gino8080, yes mate, it seems that kind of the same issue was with me, although I did not change anything inside my tower, I changed my powering setup for my PSU. By the way, I have an old Samsung tab A tablet with 10.1-inch screen, I have mounted it on the wall right next to my three monitors and above my MacBook Pro (photo showed bellow), I use it mainly for monitoring cryptos, and some times some YouTube videos, a few days ago I install iDisplay app for Android and iDisplay driver in my mac and now I can use it as an external monitor and I can say it works G R E A T! I now use it to have trading view in full screen there and Spotify as well, also some small apps that I don't want to bother having them in one of my 3 monitors (for instance torrents). That photo is a bit old, I have replaced my Matias Keyboard for a DAS Professional 4 for Mac with Blue switches, it is more than perfect!
  4. @AudioGod thankfully it did not work!
  5. @larabee seems like Broadcom For the adapters, I understand that, but one of the displays (monitor 2) does not use any adapter. I just tried to remove both the monitors that use adapters and leave only monitor 2 with HDMI connection, still, the refresh rate select menu was greyed out and locked on 60Hz. I will try now the SwitchResX app UPDATE: SwitchResX didn't do the trick, so... never mind...
  6. @larabee Monitor 1 Display Port -> HDMI Adapter Monitor 2 HDMI Monitor 3 HDMI -> VGA Adapter btw, location services stopped working again go figure... nvm I won't spend any more time on that.
  7. So after some more digging, I switched back to TP-Link Archer T6E, the BCM943602CS didn't work so well for me. I figured that when I'm connected to a WiFi network Location services are not working, I deleted all known networks from my WiFi interface and Location Services work again. The same thing happened with BCM943602CS, but after a few reboots while I was testing my Archer T6E and BCM943602CS, location services stopped work at all with BCM943602CS, also bluetooth module on BCM943602CS didn't work for me. Now I have my T6E on without connecting to any network and location services are working fine. It doesn't bother me since I'm using Ethernet either way. Regarding GPU, two of my monitors are 60Hz and one is 75Hz, I'm unable to change the refresh rate in the settings for the two of my monitors 2 monitors: https://www.cnet.com/products/lg-25um58-p-led-monitor-25-25um58pus/ 1 monitor: https://www.cnet.com/products/lg-e2251t-bn-led-monitor-full-hd-1080p-21-5/ Both 25UM58-P have a resolution of 2560 x 1080 at 75Hz but for some reason, macOS set them to 60Hz: I selected scaled just so you can see the resolution set. It only allows me to change refresh rate between 50Hz and 60Hz when I set the resolution to 1080p/i
  8. @AudioGod I indeed had many instances in my iCloud account, I removed all the unnecessary devices and I left my Hackintosh and my MacBook. I then rebooted just in case, but it did not solve the problem. I then followed again glasgood's imessage fix, reboot -> nothing... I enabled wake on LAN, booted in the system, and still location services are dead UPDATE: For my GPU: Display 1: Display 1 + 2 (exactly the same displays): Display 1 + 3 (different displays): UPDATE2: I just realised also that my WiFi is only able to connect to 5GHz WiFi signals, any 2.4GHz signal, although it is detected, it cannot connect to it, I'm entering the correct password and it still does not accept it. I tried with my phone's hotspot as well. That may be the source of the problem for the Location Services too, I guess that has something to do with the AirportBrcmFixup kext (I'm using v2.0.3) UPDATE3: I removed TP-Link Archer 26E and installed a spare card I have. I am able to connect to 2.4GHz WiFi network now, but Location Services are still dead. I also checked with previous EFI's surprisingly enough it didn't work with them either, I can swear that it used to work though... I don't think that BIOS has something to do with it, I upgraded to F10 but I guess this shouldn't be an issue.
  9. @AudioGod Well as long as I'm able to render my projects and play WoW I don't care at all if it draws 100W constantly If there will be a fix for that, by all means, is welcome, till then I'm willing to provide any tests if necessary to contribute to the solving of that problem. Last time I checked location services, to be honest, was quite a while ago since then I changed my EFI dozen of times, so I'm unable to tell when it stopped working. The WiFi card I'm using is PCI Express TP-Link Archer T6E AC1300 UPDATE: From a bit of digging, I found that comment here, that may actually be the case, although I can't see the refresh rate of my 3rd monitor: UPDATE2: Regarding location services, my settings seem to be fine: I tried to disable Ethernet just in case, but still, Location Services were not available :/ UPDATE3: I forgot to mention an incident I had a couple of days ago, I'm not sure if that could be somehow related to my current issue because as I said I haven't checked location services for quite a while now. I had some issues with my previous UPS, when I was playing WoW or doing something GPU intensive for a while, my UPS wasn't powerful enough to support my computer, so I unplugged my computer from the UPS and plugged 2 of my monitors to it, I left the house and went out to buy another UPS more powerfull but I was out for about the whole day. When I returned home I plugged to my new UPS my computer and one of my three monitors and then I tried to boot but I got the stop symbol on boot, I checked my BIOS settings and it seems they where rest, I then set the settings back as they were and booted normally. I didn't have a KP for a while now and everything seemed to be stable, until yesterday while I was playing all my monitors turned off but my computer was working, also my sound stuck and made a continuous loop of the last second, for me it was a freeze, not a KP, so I pressed the power button (I tried reset button but it didn't work for some reason, although it works fine, I checked it afterwards), I turned off my computer and then booted again, I played again for a few hours and everything was ok, I'm not sure why that happened, but I'm throwing it here just in case.
  10. Hello to everybody! I came to post about an issue I have with location services, it seems they are not working :/ My WiFi is enabled though, but reading the thread I noticed that I'm also experiencing the same "issue?" with my RX580, I'm not really sure if it is an issue though: My setup has 3 monitors, two of them are 2560x1080 and the other is 1080p (1920x1080), is that normal? Thanks!
  11. @gino8080 Goos morning! Ah I see, the same behaviour from my side too, when I switch monitors then it dimms. Well would be cool if it didn't but what the heck Cheers!
  12. With VirtualSMC I'm also able to see Fan1 and Fan2, and I also assume they correspond to my water colling fans. They run at ~950rpm, of course with VirtualSMC I'm not getting GPU temp in iStat, I'm able to see GPU temp with HWMonistor SMC2. Also in HWMonitor SMC2 fan indicators, Fan0 and Fan4 indicate my CPU fans, and Fan1 indicate a fan I have on the backside of the tower. @texem thanks a lot for the info! I was digging in GitHub yesterday, indeed there are many FakeSMC forks out there, I think I'm gonna stick with the flow, VirtualSMC is young in comparison to FakeSMC, but is it's successor so I believe further development will be done and maybe a 3rd party plugin will allow to have GPU stats as well, nothing to rush about I think. I removed the GPU Die from iStat Menus and placed HWMonitor SMC2 next to it to show my GPU temp: The only thing that I would love to have in HWMonistor SMC2 is to not dim the menu bar when you are not in Finder. For instance when I switch from Finder to any other app, the menubar dim: I know that this is the native macOS behaviour, but I would like to have an option to not dim Cheers!
  13. @gino8080 I did made GPU Die work as you can see in the following screenshot: but I do not have fan indicators, so I'm unable to see CPU Fan RPM's, and it is kind of important for me for my reasons. I did that by replacing VirtualSMC with FakeSMC, BUT I do not suggest it to anyone, and I quote @AudioGod: thus; I'm suggesting you stick with HWMonitorSMC2 since it works perfectly fine, I will do it as well, and I will keep iStat Menus for Memory, Network, HDD and Time until maybe an update of VirtualSMC will make iStat Menus being able to detect GPU as well.
  14. I kind of like iStat Menus because it combines many things and it is very detailed about each aspect you monitor; thus I'm gonna stick with what I have for now and try to fix the DSDT to be able to see fans as well
  15. Ah ok, I thought you where talking about Clover Configurator and I was pressing F4 in Clover Configurator but nothing was happening, then I googled it I will put 3-sec timer for clover to enter in it on boot Could you let me know how I can decompile aml files? And once I decompile SSDT-5.aml what then? Thanks!