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Apple Completely Re-Vamping Their Entire MacBook Line ( Well My Thoughts Really )

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Back When Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) Introduced The First iPhone He Made Reference To The Keyboards On The Other Phones.

The First iPhone Had No Physical Keyboard, Instead A Touch Screen One.

Apple MISSED A Great Opportunity To Save Themselves A {censored} Load Of Money.

The Physical Keyboards That Apple Puts Into Their Entire MacBook Line Are GETTING Replaced

With A Touch Screen One, The Possibilities Are Endless.


I Won't Go Into Detail Of How This WILL Work As My Idea May Be Poached.

You Can't Send Ideas To Apple Apparently, Hence The Reason For My Post.


Edit1: Why Will It Change

First Off, Is The Power On Mode.

I Mean, You Open The Lid THEN Press A Button


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As a matter of fact all they have to do is to fuse two iPads together or just use a big foldable display and use one part of as the screen and the other one as the keyboard :hysterical: 

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2 minutes ago, CloverLeaf said:

Don't want to ruin the party here but I think this will never happen 😀 At least for me this will be the last Apple laptop to spend my money on...

Actually It Will Happen, And Sometime In The Next 12 Months

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16 minutes ago, STLVNUB said:

They Should Have Gotten Rid Of The Keyboards When The First iPhone Was Unveiled

I don't think that would have been so cost effective at the time and still.

Remember the TouchBar? they introduced it in 2016 and few years later they just decided to kill it.

In my humble opinion innovation died at apple when Steve Jobs passed, so I'm not so crazy about Apple's new products and their strategy when it comes to computers in general.


Don't get me wrong I still love Apple products but there is no spark anymore, maybe I'm getting old, maybe it's the wide variety of technical gadgets and devices at our disposal today, but when Apple was about to introduce a new product it was exciting and amazing which I don't feel it anymore.

They just repeat the same design over and over and over and every once in a long while they come up with a new design which IMHO it's not that amazing anymore.


The Touch Screen keyboard for MacBook (Pro) lineup might be a cool thing to have but I'm not sure. 

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1 hour ago, Cyberdevs said:

Don't get me wrong I still love Apple products but there is no spark anymore

Same Could Be Said About The Hackintosh Scene

It's NOT Like The Good Old Days,

Gets Easier With Every OS Release

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