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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.8.5 > 0.8.6 differences


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OpenCore 0.8.6 is out. You can download the new version from Acidanthera.


Message from @PMheart.

Main changes

  • MacHyperVSupport improvements.
  • Fixed maximum click duration and double click speed for non-standard mouse polling rates.
  • Added support for pointer dwell-clicking by Marvin Häuser (mhaeuser). Read this in the bug tracker.
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS.
  • Improved emulated NVRAM:
    •     updated save script feature to be installed automatically as launch daemon (Yosemite and newer) or logout hook (Mavericks and older)
    •     resolved wake-from-sleep failure on EFI 1.1 systems (including earlier Macs) with emulated NVRAM driver
    •     OpenVariableRuntimeDxe: avoid setting UEFI 2.x interface member on EFI 1.x (older and Apple firmware).
  • Updated SSDT-BRG0 with Darwin specific checking to avoid compatibility issues on Windows.
  • Updated macrecovery commands with macOS 12 and 13.


  • UEFI >> AppleInput: added 3 new keys to implement dwell-clicking:
    • PointerDwellClickTimeout (Number): sets pointer dwell-clicking single left click timeout in milliseconds; 0 indicates the timeout is disabled.
    • PointerDwellDoubleClickTimeout (Number): sets pointer dwell-clicking single left double click timeout in milliseconds; 0 indicates the timeout is disabled.
    • PointerDwellRadius (Number): sets pointer dwell-clicking tolerance radius in pixels; the radius is scaled by UIScale. 0 indicates the radius is disabled.


  • AppleALC 1.7.6
  • CryptexFixup 1.0.1
  • FeatureUnlock 1.1.0
  • RestrictEvents 1.0.9

Note about Dwell


Mouse Dwell is a solution that allows a person with a physical difficulty to use pointing devices without the need to click a button. It has traditionally been useful for head pointers users but can also be useful for people with hand/finger movement difficulties and even outside of this realm when using non-click devices (joysticks, rollerballs).


The user does not have to press a button. Simply hold the mouse within a predefined area for a predetermined amount of time to emit a virtual click that has the same effect as clicking the mouse.

  • The time the pointer has to stay held in the area to issue a single click is defined in PointerDwellClickTimeout.
  • The time that the pointer has to stay held in the area to issue a double click is defined in PointerDwellDoubleClickTimeout.
  • The size of the circular area within which the pointer is to remain is defined in PointerDwellRadius.
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