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Fresh Monterey install, Opencore 0.8.3, not working


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I'm having some issues trying to do a fresh install of macOS Monterey using Opencore 0.8.3

Verbose is printing, then my Monitor looses signal.


I have tried the troubleshooting suggestions in the Dortana guide with no luck. No google searching has helped either.


CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k

GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 (Will use IGPU only)

RAM: 32GB Trident X

Motherboard: Asus Hero X Z370

Audio Codec: Realtek ALC1220

Ethernet Card: Intel Ethernet Connection (2) 1219-V

Wifi/BT Card: Realtek RTL8822BE wireless lan

What guide/tool followed: Dortana

What part I got an issue with: Error after selecting Install macOS Monterey from Opencore boot options

opencore-2022-08-13-173602.txt config.plist

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That worked great. I was able to install everything and boot ok. However, now the igpu is not rendering at full resolution. About Mac says there is only 2mb. How do I get full resolution and not need the -igfxvesa boot arg?

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Thank you. I managed to set the correct framebuffer and device ID. Removed the -igfxvesa boot arg and everything is working fine. 

I copied my EFI folder from the installation USB to the internal HDD where MacOS is installed. Booted into the OS and loads fine, greeted with the log in screen, however mouse and keyboard does not work? It works fine if I boot opencore via USB installation but not via internal HDD.

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