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HP i5-1035G1 (dy1051wm)

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i try to install Monterey on  HP Intel® Core™ i5-1035G1 Model (hp dy1051wm)


But i cant get it the USB to boot, i have used EFI Lenovo Ideaboad A145 and many other EFI for 1035G1 but not booting and one of the EFI boot and stuck on 12min renaming and restarted and nothing happened.



Could you please help with EFI to Get it hackintosh


Please help

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1 hour ago, oronfel2911 said:

Any Help?

You should provide a little more information to hope to help:

1. Signature with hardware details.

2. Bootloader and its config, used drivers and kexts.

3. Some log showing what is happen. You have to boot in verbose mode with "Don't reboot on panic".

4. BIOS settings.

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Thanks Sir, I Updated my Signature

attached the EFI that i used (Opencore) and its stuck, and attached the the image of the suck screen.

also bios setting attached.


i don't know how to boot in verbose mode


Thanks and please help




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5 hours ago, oronfel2911 said:

Any other information that you need me to provide??

I can't help you because of Opencore. Your BIOS looks good and hardware should be compatible with Monterey.

Make full ClearCMOS and try to boot by Clover 5148.

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Use te efi folder from this topic


Some Basic Information

-Use USB2 port for easy installation with no remap USB

-If you have only IGPU use -igfxvesa bootarg for easy installation

-Delete old EFI folder and paste new. Don't use merge files

-Don't use Drag and Drop into EFI partition. Use Copy/Paste instead

-Reset NVRAM one time - OpenCore use entry "Reset Nvram"

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18 minutes ago, oronfel2911 said:

any thing that i can do to get the install start, as i get opencore reboot to windows

strange thing

try this efi folder. bios/uefi in default. just change things if u really need

EFI 01.zip

reset Nvram one time

Don't open plist for now, just paste and go


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5 hours ago, oronfel2911 said:

Yes sir, do you have any proposition, like install windows update bios, any spastic bios setting anything like that could help get the install start it ??

Nothing new in BIOS, just clean it from Opencore.

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Search a manual for your computer. There must be an instruction how to Clear CMOS.

Then use one of EFI folder with Clover found in the forum to try to boot with it. 

It the Clover GUI press f2, f4, f11.

You will get new files



Make an archive and upload here.

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