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everything is going wrong. help


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before anything happens, never hackintosh on a xp laptop, its mental toture

hi, im trying to hackintosh on my ibm t60 laptop with a random core duo and 3gigs of ram, everything went wrong i hate it heres some photos im not gonna type a essay all you need to know is that it bugs at random points, cant even get into the installer nor the apple logo or it insta dies, bye

i sadly dont have the photos on my xp laptop but i do on my apple ipad, list of how many kernel panics and bugs it has will be in the replies, ok bye now

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11 hours ago, Hervé said:

ThinkPad T60 is a totally obsolete 15+ year old laptop fitted with Yonah CoreDuo CPU and other totally obsolete hardware components. The best you could run on it is MacOS X Leopard 10.5, another totally obsolete OS X version with which you would not even be able to browse most of today's Web. In November 2021, I very much doubt you'll find anyone able to provide you assistance with Leopard, it's simply too old and people have moved on since 2009...


I suggest you stop the torture and let that old piece of junk where it belongs: retirement.

ill take a break from this, and maybe get back to it soon

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