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Black screen after gIO ScreenLockState 3 hs 0,...


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Hey guys,

For 4 days long i'm trying to install macos big sur on my computer, but everytime with every EFI's and every config.plist I have the same result: black screen after this message.


My plan is deactivate the gpu and use uhd630 with the hdmi cable on motherboard, I read a lot of people who have success on this way. I'm asking for your help, because I don't know what to do anymore


there is the error and the last EFI I have tried

sry for bad english and thank you so much

EFI.rar error.rar

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3 hours ago, Allan said:

Hi and welcome to InsanelyMac! Bem vindo amigo BR 😄


Test this folder: EFI.Opencore.Desktop.CoffeeLake.zip


Extract it and copy to a USB stick, and try to boot. Don't forget to clear the NVRam before boot ok?

 Ahh Allan, muito obrigado por me responder. ❤️ estou muito frustrado e é a primeira vez que consigo ajuda!


Bom, testei essa EFI porém o boot travou nessa tela:

I try this EFI and the boot freeze at this screen:


Podem me ajudar?

Can you guys help me?

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