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Unable to get Opencore 0.7.2 to boot installer


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Unable to get Opencore 0.7.2 to boot installer

I have successfuly had 11.0.1 working with OC 0.6.4 on my machine for the last year (unable to update to any later OSX versions though).

It works well generally (bar it randomly restarts) which is why I am trying a clean install.

So I am creating an install USB to install new 11.5.2 and new OC 0.7.2 onto a new drive on my machine. I have run through the dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide (like I did originally) and compared/edited new with current config, and used all the new open core files and made sure kexts have all been updated.

i9 9900K Coffee Lake 8 core

Gigabyte Z390

Sapphire RX 580 8 GB

I seem to be close but not sure what is preventing it if its obvious.

Have attached a screen shot, boot.txt and config file as I am un sure what to look for.

If anyone is able to advise.







opencore-2021-09-13-135047.txt config.plist

@antuneddu - Aha Bro you beat me to it :). @jaylongeee you can try this EFI Folder on the EFI Partition of your USB Drive and boot off it and see the result. It is based on my machine which is pretty close to your specs but you will have to enter your S/N, ROM, MLB and SmUUID into the config.plist, Good luck.

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 17.06.20.png


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That config file worked a treat. Thanks.


I did get  "An error occurred preparing the software update" window pop up on the 2nd part of the installer, but from what I have read  it seems to be an Apple issue. I might try 11.5.


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