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  1. Thanks for that advise. I have been using the 2 machines listed above professionally for the last three years. I just need a 3rd machine and i'd rather spend £2000 on a machine with a spec fully to suit me than £6000+ on a Apple. Unfortunately the person that set them up is no longer about.
  2. I have built 2 Hackintoshs in the last 3 years 1 x 16 Core Xeon and one i7. Im looking for a new i7 Pro machine if someone can take this on as a job. I need assistance: Picking components Install Post install I will use the machine professional and needs to be stable. I ideally need someone/company to professionally help me with this. Thanks, Jamie
  3. Hi, Im interested in getting Turbo working I have: Asus Z9PE-D8 WS 2 x Xeon E5-2687W Running 10.8.2 How can I find out if my Mobo will work without using a patch? So I would remove Sleep Enabler Kext And follow TheRacerMaster's post? Cheers, Jamie
  4. Building a Rapid/Stable Haknitosh

    Thanks I'll take a look
  5. Building a Rapid/Stable Haknitosh

    Thanks for the advise, im just desperate for a 2nd machine and its very annoying if I have to pay £4k ish on a new Mac Pro which is old technology and will become even more dated after reading they are bringing out New Mac Pros next year, but when!! and that doesn't help me now. Cheers, Jamie
  6. Hi, Im fairly new to this and have only been viewing tonymacx86 and insanelymac_ since Apple's poor update to the Mac Pro at the beginning of the week. I have been holding out buying a new one for the last 6 months. Im now seriously considering a Hakintosh. I am a visualiser using Photoshop and Cinema 4D, some renders take 25 hours and Photoshop gets up to 130-150GB Scratch disk so I need a rapid machine. I will keep my Current Mac Pro for pretty much all email/Photoshop so I can work on one whilst the other is rendering. I've been looking at the ProMAX One models which look ideal but I'd still need to hakintosh it! I dont need any Raid setups just a very fast machine thats stable and i have to stick with OS X or else I will have to buy PC versions of all my software which will come to $6-7k extra I have a healthy budget $6-8k and would like something similar to what was listed on another forum 128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI" post but I read the guy was thinking of swapping mobo's Any advice/help would be very much appreciated: • Motherboard ?? • 2 x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690 • NVIDA Quadro 4000 • 128GB RAM would EEC be the best option?? • Nice good quality simple chassis similar to a Mac pro • Thunderbolt?? And Im hoping by using my current Mac Pro for music, mundane stuff etc. I can avoid some of the glitches that come with it. Thanks, Jamie