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UHD 630 - *CLICK OF DEATH* Crashing on Preview, Photoshop, Mac Account Picture (Graphics Bug) ~ Last Issue To Fix!

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Main Issue:

When I open ANY image (ie any format) in preview it opens but if I click the image itself, preview immediately crashes every single time without fail.


Likewise, attempting to change the mac account picture crashes system preferences and opening photoshop gives a black screen. Same thing happens even if I drag a photo over the icon or use scripts to try and change the admin photo via terminal (the scripts, despite claiming to be successful, even caused temporary kernel panics which sorted themselves out; image remained unchanged). The Contacts app also crashes when attempting to change ANY contact photo, be it by clicking or dragging a photo.





Photoshop preferences also have '??' throughout the GPU info section, something like "GPU: ??630 ??H?D?" despite the GPU information in 'About This Mac' being correctly recognised (see below). I also cannot change these photoshop settings as they are greyed out.


Safari is also virtually unusable and crashes on 99% of webpages, forcing constant reloads (though other browsers seem fine).


~~ No screenshot of photoshop preferences as it is almost always locked out when starting it up and the one time I managed to open it, I forgot to take a screenshot ~~


About This Mac Info:






I have confirmed that hardware acceleration is fully supported and that HEVC IS supported. I verified the H.265 hardware acceleration by successfully encoding a sample file.


***The dGPU is also completely disabled and does not turn on even upon wake from sleep; I'm solely relying on the UHD 630



Kindly find debug files attached and links to my EFI below:


***Link to current EFI: https://github.com/Necromancer2Point0/MSI-GS66-OC-New-Dawn/tree/main/Latest Stable Bootable (V 0.4)


***Link to overall repository with archive of previous build versions, debug, and readme: https://github.com/Necromancer2Point0/MSI-GS66-OC-New-Dawn


***Current build is V 0.4




Also kindly find my laptop specs in my signature or check the repository link for more detailed info + what functions currently work on my build.


This is the last big issue I need to fix for my hackintosh to be pretty much fully functional.

Really appreciate any and all advice as this forum has been invaluable to me so far! 🙂 Thanks in advance!


One of your screenshots shows "800MHz 6-core Intel Core i7" which would tend to suggest your CPU only operates in LFM (lowest possible frequency). In such a case, you should experience pretty poor performance overall and that would easily explain why apps do crash. Do you have full CPU power management working? If so, the info in "About this Mac" may just be a simple cosmetic glitch. If not, do check your BIOS settings and ensure that SpeedStep/multi-core/P-States/C-States are all fully enabled.


The other pointer would have been graphics acceleration but you state it's fully operational although I can't say I saw any iGPU properties injection in your posted config.



Thank you so much for your response! 😄


I noticed the "800mhz" statement in about this mac too but have not really noticed any real-world poor performance.




With my current setup, last time I checked battery (99whr) on high brightness (2 below max) is about 6-8 hours with light usage (web browsing) and RGB keys on.


Sleep is 100% functional (even auto sleep) and the dGPU is 100% disabled and does not turn on when waking the computer, even after extended periods of time.


I'll check the BIOS settings that you've mentioned anyways and upload a photo soon.


Definitely some room for improvement battery wise but I'd say it's fairly reasonable at the moment.




Other than hackintoshing (with countless browser windows open, terminal windows...), I mainly use this laptop for music production with no glaring issues so far.


Is there any way to test / read what frequencies the CPU uses under different loads to ensure it's not always stuck in LFM?


I did notice that the fans kick in every now and again if I'm doing several things at once but for the most part, it runs silent.


I have enabled CPUFriend and the Data Provider kexts after setting frequencies using the CPUFriendFriend command but have no real way of knowing whether they're working properly.




On paper, graphics acceleration looks to be functional (translucent dock, videoproc claims everything is operational - see below...) but I'm not sure it's 100% functional due to the issues I mentioned.


Can you elaborate on iGPU properties to inject? I'm really new to this hackintosh thing and was alway unsure about auto-detection versus manually putting in device properties. My EFI file (with SMBIOS data redacted) is also available on github (https://github.com/Necromancer2Point0/MSI-GS66-OC-New-Dawn/tree/main/Latest Stable Bootable (V 0.4)) if you need any more information.


Still, I find it odd that I've only encountered these crashes when doing image related tasks.




VDADecoderChecker states Hardware acceleration is fully supported and VideoProc shows that HEVC IS supported. I verified the H.265 hardware acceleration by using Handbrake to encode a sample file with the option H.265 (VideoToolbox), which was successful.





So I guess in summary:


- How do I ensure that the CPU is managing power / ramping up the frequency properly under different loads and not just stuck in LFM?

- How do I, where do I, and what graphics properties should I inject?




Thank you so much again 🙂


Really appreciate the help as I've been trying to solve these issues for weeks!


You may check CPU behaviour/power management through tools such as HWSensors or Intel's own PowerGadget. Look these up.

I just installed Intel Power Gadget (v 3.5.5) as you suggested and have been monitoring the graphs. Pretty quick to install - didn't even need to reboot.


CPU frequency (while plugged in) hovers between 0.8-1.2 ghz on idle, spikes when browsing and doing other tasks to about 1.4-2.5 ghz and reaches 3-4 ghz (not capped; sometimes spikes to 4.5 ghz) when playing a project in Logic Pro.


Temps are decent (39-45 C on idle; about 45-55 C under load) though Windows is still slightly better as I have used Throttlestop to undervolt and get around 30-40 C on idle and 45-55ish C when solely taxing the iGPU (with dGPU, temps reach a maximum of around 77 C). Negligible difference all things considered.




CPU frequency (while on battery at full brightness) tells pretty much the same story, again hovering between 0.8-1.2 ghz on idle, spiking when browsing and doing other tasks to about 1.4-2.5 ghz BUT only reaches 2.5-3 ghz (seems to be capped at 3 ghz) when playing a project in Logic Pro, which I think is a good thing and possibly an indication that power management is working properly (?).


Temps are decent (lower end of 39-45 C on idle; 45 C capped under Logic Pro's load) though Windows is still slightly better as I have used Throttlestop to undervolt and get around 30-40 C on idle albeit around the same temperature when taxing the CPU. Again, negligible difference all things considered.


Fans were silent throughout both testing setups though I have had them rarely kick in abruptly in the past (usually stopping just as abruptly) when opening something strenuous or doing multiple things at once.




Battery life seems reasonable given the fact I've got brightness set to max, RGB keys on full blast, many browser windows, terminal open, and have been messing around with Logic. So far from testing and writing up this post, only a couple % gone and the prediction in Activity Monitor is about 4 hours. It predicted 6 hours last time I tested when doing browsing on an ever so slightly dimmer brightness setting (2 below max), which I messed around with for about 1.5 hours to confirm that it wasn't just a whacky prediction.




I have not tried extreme benchmarking tasks like Prime95 or anything like that as my real world usage will almost certainly never come close to that kind of stress.


All in all, both temperatures and CPU utilisation (averaging about 5% according to the monitor) look very stable on the aforementioned tasks, being relatively flat on the graph (screenshots below are over a shorter period of time; after longer testing, it was much flatter).


I've attached some screenshots of the monitor to get a sense of the readings.










Next Move?


So does this all mean that power management is working correctly?


What's our next move?


Can you tell me more about the graphics properties you thought may be missing?


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19 hours ago, Necromancer 2.0 said:

Hi, kindly see screenshots of my BIOS settings attached 🙂


BIOS Screenshots.zip 1.29 MB · 0 downloads


Also regarding the BIOS settings, from what I could see everything you mentioned was on though I couldn't really find anything too specific about P States. Still, based on the monitors above, I'd say those things look to be working properly?


Just something I thought I'd mention.

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cleaned up quote



I added the following details under Device Properties:






About this mac also shows a higher amount of VRAM available:




Will update my github repository with latest files soon.




On a side note, my system randomly hung last boot before I edited the EFI with this info, which I've gathered is from Intel Power Gadget as other users reported similar issues.


I have since followed Intel's advice of using the sudo touch command to rebuild the L/E kext cache thing and will see if it has resolved this hanging issue.

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