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(SOLVED!) No Sound Asus B560M Plus Gaming + i7 11700K'F' + RX550


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Audio issue has been SOLVED!

Please read the explanation from this Thread below.

Btw, you're great MaLd0n, And Allan too! 👍



Hi All.. I think I've made mistake with my choosing hardware.

I've already installed Catalina 10.5.7 (19H1323) on this PC (Asus B560M Plus Gaming + i7 11700K'F' + RX550)
And now, I'm facing a problem with the Audio (ALC897). Although HDMI Audio through RX550 is working fine.
I have use Layout id : 66 and 69, the volume icon seem fine.. But still no sound.

And another problem about the VDA Decoder, since the processor that I use is Gen.11 with 'F' series, will this problem be solved? 


Anyone can help me?


Here my screenshot and resource files :










Resources Files :


From 'RunMe' app.zip


ACPI origin.zip


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15 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

extract one sendme with this efi folder


reset nvram first time

Hi MaLd0n, thanks for your reply..


I have replaced the EFI folder, but it still no luck..

No output audio device.

And my RX550 gpu become 7mb





And i believe this audio issue, has an impact when I play YouTube, and other offline video files.

They don't play..




But when I change output audio to the HDMI Output, YouTube and offline video will play smoothly..

These problem, so far I know it has correlation with the processor.


But will it affect to the audio too?





16 hours ago, Allan said:

Try this: config.plist.zip

EDIT: And according to your IOReg output, you don't have the proper power management. 😬


Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 19.14.33.png

Hi Allan.. I have no idea with that. 😬

Is there something wrong with the configuration? or because this machine is relatively too early?




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2 hours ago, MaLd0n said:


Wow.. Thank you MaLd0n,  all USB port and the audio working good.


But I have a new problem now, browser (Safari or Chrome) look glitchy and laggy, and I lost Metal on my GPU.

And sometimes safari reloaded it self.. 😬






And sadly, I hear FCPX not support for my (F) series processor? Is that right? 😢






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But, when I turn back to Clover.. My Metal my GPU status is Supported. And I think QE/CI work well.

No glitch or laggy on the browser..


Here's the screenshot :





Here's my Device/Properties in clover : Wait, I'll add it, and I hope it will work in OC..






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replace dsdt DSDT.aml.zip

add ur old video patch




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1 hour ago, MaLd0n said:

replace dsdt DSDT.aml.zip

add ur old video patch




I think all the hardware already works now! OMG.. you're great MaLd0N! 🤗

And thanks to Allan too.. 👍


Btw, I'm not yet add your last DSDT.aml, I've just edited last video patch in OpenCore Configurator.

And check all devices. 


And what makes me more happier is about FCPX

After, I almost desperate when I heard this F series processor had issue in FCPX..

But, now I think, maybe I just opened the wrong version of FCPX. 😆


FCPX 10.4.8





After it, I will add your DSDT file.. I'll report it later.





I have added your latest DSDT file. It Working Good👍

- I just tried the front audio port, Front Audio : Working Good. But Front Mic/headset not working. Then I change Alcid:69 to 66, Front Mic Worked👍


I think all the big problem was SOLVED!


The only issue is on the boot glitch, but I think it's just a cosmetic, not a big deal.


Boot Glitch around 1-2sec :






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