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HP Envy 15-ed0157ng IceLake Sleep Problem ?


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Good Morning,


My name is Mark and I come from Germany and I work for Deutsche Telekom AG and have been in the community for more than 10 years. Life is now changing family children work. I had a few Hackintosh's on the latest IceLake HP, I'm fighting and hope you can help me.


I've been trying to finish BigSur / Catalina on my new HP Envy 15-ed0157ng for weeks now.

Unfortunately, I can't get any further with a few things, and I hope that you can help me on the German Board where I'm usually on the move. I fell asleep.




What does not work?


Sleep.                     * Only the display goes out
Touch screen.        * ELAN 2514 / I2C1.TPL1
HDMI                      * Waiting for Whatevergreen Patch
Internal Intel Mic


The rest works as it should.


I would be very, very grateful to you for any help


LG fragMark Peace

EFI-Envy-HF.zip MacBook Pro von Mark.zip origin.zip Envy-V1.1 16.08.21.zip

Posted (edited)

My new IceLake Bullet HP 15-ed0157ng i5 - 1035G1 also has the following non-solvable problems maybe they will be solved over time




1. No HDMI need Whatevergreen Patch

2. No Internal Intel Mic

3. No 100% brightness only after Psyeudo Sleeop before about 80%
It doesn't work with the new PNLF either.

4. The most important thing there is no sleep only the display goes dark no matter what I've tried for weeks it does not go into sleep only the display goes dark I know that shouldn't make any sense but with a Lenovo "EFI Clover" Lenovo S145 10th Gen "DSDT does not work a lot, but only sleeps no display goes to sleep so the sleep must be feasible by a DSDT professional?

Sleep and HDMI at least via USB-C to HDMI which is also not possible otherwise you unfortunately cannot work productively with it. And then I prefer to work for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world on Linux and wait for real help and for the time that more patches are needed.


Sorry for my bad English, unfortunately I have to use Google Translate as it is too much for my school English / EDIT: I am waiting now otherwise stress with my wife or work ^^

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