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Is Nvidia GT 730 graphics card compatible with Big Sur?

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I have this in card in my desktop. Nvidea driver for GT 730 (kext is injected via Opencore builder).

It is giving pretty high resolution for a 4K monitor but I notice I is very basic in games. It can barely pull half-dissent Flight Sim.


So, my question is this just a crappy card or something else can to be done to improve its performance?



This is an old GPU. It's fine for display (though an i3-10100, not F, would have served you just as well for even less from its iGPU). If you want more performance you need to buy a more powerful card.

GT730 can be Fermi family which is not supported after ElCapitan.

I don't know how to check this with openCore but using Clover it will be easy.

Kepler-based GT730 are natively and fully compatible with Big Sur (and Monterey so far). There's no need of other drivers than the built-in macOS ones. I've got one myself in my old Dell Vostro desktop (Asus GT730-2GD5-BRK). Kepler models are:

  • GT730, PCIe 2.0 x8, DDR5 memory, 64bit (based on Kepler 2.0 GK208B chip); this is the model to go for (Gigabyte, Asus, etc.).
  • GT730, PCIe 2.0 x8, DDR3 memory, 64bit (based on Kepler GK107 chip)

Fermi GT730 will not be compatible with Big Sur and you must stay away from those. These are:

  • GT730, PCIe 3.0 x16, DDR3 memory, 128bit (based on Fermi GF108 chip)


GT730 are in no way performance cards. They sit in the low end of graphics cards though the GK208B/DDR5 models are much better than DDR3 models which are entry+ level, a tad better than low-level GT710. They're perfect for average/business/multimedia use but not really suited for gaming or only low-demanding ones. Games require high performance cards and, in the Kepler family, you'd be looking at the GTX 760/770/780 and higher models. In the mid-range class, you'd find the GTX 650/660/750.


See the links below for reference:

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