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HP ProBook 450 G0 and OSX86 - which hisgest version is possible to install?

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I got gift from friend - notebook HP ProBook 450 G0.

I want to ask about nstalling OSX86 to it.

I know that's older notebook and want to ask what a highest version is possible to install.

Also, I want to use Clover for three systems on HDD - Windows, Linux and OSX86, so question is also to installing it - I did it never before.


Here are some specs from AIDA (if you need more, provide);

      CPU Type                                          Mobile DualCore Intel Celeron 1000M, 1800 MHz (18 x 100)
      Motherboard Name                                  Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 450 G0
      Motherboard Chipset                               Intel Panther Point HM76, Intel Ivy Bridge
      System Memory                                     3944 MB  (DDR3 SDRAM)
      Video Adapter                                     Intel HD Graphics 2500
      3D Accelerator                                    Intel HD Graphics 2500
      Monitor                                           Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB]
      Boot Devices                                      Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CD-ROM
      Capabilities                                      Flash BIOS, Shadow BIOS, Selectable Boot, Network Service Boot, EDD, BBS, Smart Battery
      Supported Standards                               DMI, ACPI, UEFI
      Expansion Capabilities                            PCI, PCMCIA, USB
      Virtual Machine                                   No
    Processor Properties:
      Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1000M @ 1.80GHz
      Version                                           Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1000M @ 1.80GHz
      External Clock                                    100 MHz
      Maximum Clock                                     4000 MHz
      Current Clock                                     1800 MHz
      Type                                              Central Processor
      Capabilities                                      64-bit


Thank you very much for each help, reply or comment.


Hello 😃


Sorry but your hardware only works with Windows/Linux, but macOS aren't compatible.

Celeron 1000M is Ivy Bridge but its GT1 Intel HD iGPU has no support whatsoever in OS X/macOS. As such, it's unsuitable as a Hackintosh. If you were able to replace your CPU, you would need a mainstream Ivy Bridge mobile CPU with HD4000 graphics so that you could natively run any recent version up to current Big Sur.

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