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Partial install of BootCamp drivers on dual boot Hackintosh, now Windows 10 constantly crashes?

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I decided recently to upgrade my Acer Predator 15 Hackintosh to macOS Mojave from High Sierra (still rely on 32-bit apps, fight me).  I also took the opportunity to switch from Clover to OpenCore.  That part was completely painless, believe it or not.  Apart from the lack of handoff/continuity/etc. due to a USB Wi-Fi dongle, it's still a completely functional Hackintosh.  The problem came when I re-installed Windows...


I wanted to try the new OpenCore function that enables Boot Camp/Startup Disk features on non-Apple hardware.  So, I started to install the Boot Camp drivers to enable that functionality.  During the installation, Windows 10 crashed with kernel security error or something like that (don't remember what it exactly said, and I don't have a screenshot to provide, sadly).  Ever since then, Windows 10 does nothing but crash when booting normally.  I can get Windows to boot in safe mode, though.  Unlike other OpenCore Windows issues, Windows 10 boots fine, and I can log in.  The thing is even after 1 minute of idling, Windows 10 crashes after logging in.


I thought it could be that OpenCore broke something, and so I thought maybe I should rely on Windows Boot Manager instead, and have it load OpenCore only when wanting to boot macOS.  However, attempting to boot Windows directly (i.e., loading Windows without first booting OpenCore), STILL caused Windows to crash.  So clearly something else is going on here.


Every time since the failed Boot Camp install, the crash is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.  Most Windows-related forum posts this is either due to failed hardware or a bad driver loading.  The fact macOS still works fine and I'm typing this in safe mode with networking after being logged in for almost an hour indicate to me that this isn't a hardware issue.  Thus, I'm thinking it's a driver issue.  Windows 10 was fully working until I started to install the Boot Camp drivers.  Therefore, what I think happened is the Boot Camp installer installed (and maybe loaded) some Boot Camp-related driver from Apple that's causing the issue.  Considering the install never completed, Boot Camp doesn't show up in installed programs, and I can't uninstall it in any way.


Of course, the issue could be something else completely.  I'm attaching four minidumps here (with the earliest one being from the failed installation).  Any help figuring out what's going on would be extremely helpful.  Thank you in advance!


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Just wanted to pop on and say that I figured it out... I was able to boot into safe mode, and then I ran this command:

sfc /scannow

It found and repaired system files.  I was able to reboot into Windows successfully and stayed logged in without crashing.  I also was able to set up Boot Camp switching, so all is good again!  Thanks!!

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